Best Place to Buy Syma X11 Hornet Replacement Parts

As published in my previous post on Syma X11C beating the Hubsan H107c, its always advised and handy to have replacement spares for these little toys, specially if you burn out your motors overflying them, hit the walls and floors to replace the blades, might need an additional battery to fly long.Its time to hunt for the spares of the the cute little Mini Quad, the X11. So the question tingles, Whether the parts are available for X11, Which parts are available,if available where to buy these replacement parts.

This post answers all the question on Syma X11 Replacement Spares.

As evident on Official SymaToys website and Yes, the spare parts for X11 are available and following is the list of the replacement parts.
  • Syma X11 Spare Blades Parts (X11-03)
  • Syma X11 RC Quadcopter 3.7Volts 200mAh Spare Battery
  • Syma X11 RC Quadcopter Protective Frame
  • SYMA X11 RC Quadcopter Body Cover Shell (Available Four Colors Red, Black, Orange, White)
  • SYMA X11 RC Quadcopter Motor Covers (X11-04)
  • Syma X11 USB Charging Cable (X11-10)
  • Syma X11 Motor A (X11-06)
  • Syma X11 Motor B (X11-07)
  • Syma X11 Cone Set Main Gear (X11-05)
  • Syma X11 Mother board/Receiver (X11-09)
  • Syma X11 Remote controller (X11-11)

Where to Buy these parts?

I was able to find that the is listing all the parts for Syma X11 available on their site and yes the prices seems to be reasonable.I will keep updating the sources as i come to know more.Note that most of the X11 replacement parts are suitable for X11C.

Click here to view the prices and availability of the Syma X11 Parts
Use the coupon code SYMARX to get X11C at 37.99$

Discuss more about the Syma X11 and X11c and its parts using the below comments section. Happy Flying!
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