Unable to Open HP director ,Hp Director Does not Load, Hp director will not start, HP Director Patch for IE 7,Hp Director Do not respond,launch

If you are unable to Open HP director(Hp director Does not load) from Desktop or from Start---> All Programs ,Hp director will not start but resides in memory after Installing Internet explorer version 7.HP Director do not respond or HP director will not launch . Nothing happens when double clicking on the HP director .. If so...check out the below solutions

The issue occurs when you upgrade your internet explorer version 7 from version 6,as the internet explorer version 7 plugins are incompatible with HP director. First check which version of the internet explorer you are using from the below steps.

1. Open Internet Explorer. (Double clicking on Internet Explorer icon on desktop). or by clickin the Start--All Programs--Internet explorer
2. Click on ">>" option which will be on the extreme right side of toolbar.
3. Click on "Help"==>"About Internet Explorer".

Click on the image to have a better view.

The above steps needs to be performed only if the menu bar is not available in Internet Explorer 7. If menu bar option is enabled, then the please check version normally by clicking on "Help" in menu bar and then clicking on "About Internet Explorer".

If you found that you have internet explorer version 7, then head to below solutions.

1. Solution : Download and install the Critical update patch for internet Explorer version 7

Click here to download the patch

You need to restart your computer after installing the patch.

2. Solution: Upgrade your HP software to Photosmart premier 7. check the below weblink to download the latest version of the Photosmart premier 7

Download Link: COL10861.exe

Alternatively you can check below weblink to download the HP photosmart premier 7.


Make sure that you should not uninstall the previous HP director software from your computer. You just need to download and install this latest version over your current scanner software and it should upgrade it, resolving the issue.

Check for the alternate solutions here The HP Director Window Does Not Open in Windows XP

I hope the above information helps you!! Post your comments and suggestions inorder to help you better.



  1. You are a life saver. Can you answer another question, please. What effect will Photosmart Premier 7 have, compared to just downloading the Patch for IE 7? I don't want HP to "undo" anything I did before (I had to uninstall a recent Java update back to the old msjavax86.exe file.)

  2. I could not find best word to thank you.You indeed made my life very comfortable.You helped so much. May God bless you.

  3. I saw ur this page and also tried with HP original site.. I downloaded the patch from HP site itself of abt 27MB.. but it said 'You do not have compatible version of driver for this update..!!"

    tried ur solution 1.. patch exe... it worked like a magic.. i didnt even restarted the system..

    no words to thank u..

  4. Guy, you are a genius! I downloaded the patch and it works fine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. Thank you very much. I am so grateful. it worked perfectly well

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