Amkov AMK200s 360 Panorama Camera

Amkov announced its 360 degree Panorama Camera (AMKOV AMK200s), a quick introduction, AMKOV has been in the digital camera industry for over 15 years now and collaborated with the Top Brands like Canon and Nikon. Amkov 5000s 7000s along with the AMK 100S are few successful sports cameras, before its launch of  Amkov AMK200S

Amkov AMK200s

Quick Features of Amkov AMK200S

  • 960P Video Recording along with the Still image capture function
  • Ability to control the camera through remote watch with a range upto 20 Meters
  • As this camera weight only 104 Grams including the battery equipped, best for drones for aerial photo and video shots!
  • Advanced low illumination CMOS technology 

Technical Specifications of Amkov AMK200S

Hardware Specification
Image Sensor Type 8.0MP CMOS
Manufacturer N/A
Backend chipset(DSP) CPU N/A
Manufacturer iCatch

Lens Type N/A
Aperture F 2.0
Actual Focal Length f=1.1mm
View Angle 220°
LCD monitor Size 0.96" LCD
Resolution 128*64
Manufacturer N/A
Storage media Internal memory N/A
External memory Micro SD 8G~32G (C6-C10) (SDHC)
Interface USB Micro USB
Button/Switch Power Button
WiFi/ Mode Button
Shoot/Enter Button
Microphone Built-in
Speaker Built-in
Battery Type lithium-ion battery
Capacity 1500mAh
Battery Life 1920*960P/30FPS about 1 hours(TBD)
Indicator&Light Indicator LED 3*LED light
Busy Light Busy in Red / Charging in Blue

More technical specifications can be found here

Amkov 200s

Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera 2 for $250

Xiaomi Launched its new YI Action Camera 2 featuring 4K video recording.Ambarella A9SE75 CPU | AUO 2.19 touch screen | 2 hour 4K/30fps recording 5GHz Wi-Fi | EIS | LDC | Manual IQ parameters | 9 shooting modes | auto low light are the quick features of the New Yi Action Camera 2

With the Tagline, Your world in 4K Professional quality made for you! Following are feature description of the New Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera
Built with the new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, 7-layers all glass lens. Records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p. YI 4K Action Camera reaches new heights. World's leading technologies packed in one sleek camera 
Have an eye of an eagle, 7 layers all glass optical lens combined with F2.8 large aperture increase light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage. 

Integrated LCD Gorilla Glass Retina Touchscreen

Customized with a 330ppi high resolution and high-sensitivity retina touchscreen for an intuitive experience. 2.19 inches of Gorilla Glass to resist scratches and daily impact. Viewable from a 160° angle. You won’t miss the perfect shot with the 640*360 widescreen for quick and easy previewing and shooting. Control YI 4K at your fingertips. No extra hands needed. 

Shoot longer with YI’s high capacity 1400mAh battery

Designed with adventurers and photographers in mind, we use the world’s leading rechargeable 1400mAh high-voltage 4.4V lithium-ion battery from Amperext Technology (supplier of iPhone battery). YI 4K stands by you for up to 8 hours of standby time. Get out there and shoot 4K/30fps video for up to 120 minutes with a single charge.

Forget waiting with Broadcom’s dual-band high speed Wi-Fi

World’s leading telecommunication semi-conductor solution provider’s latest BCM43340 chip will barely give you time to blink. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G/5GHz. Significantly improved anti-interference technology. Download at speeds up to 30Mbps and have more time to shoot, edit, and share. 

Shoot, edit, and share like a pro with YI Action Camera App.  

6-30 seconds video editing, image/video filters and music options. Simple enough for beginners to use, but designed for professional output. You’ll never have to use a computer again! 
3.35 ounces of world leading imagining technology. YI 4K’s all-in-one and impact resistance design fits in your pocket and is ready for anything! With new colors and high quality finishing it is not only a camera for shooting amazing photos/videos, but also the fashion accessory you’ve been waiting for. 

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer 

Action videos usually require post-production to reduce shakiness. With YI 4K Action Camera, you can avoid extra time spent editing due to the camera's Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature. EIS uses built-in gyroscope and accelerometer sensor to detect position and motion change. When the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences impact, the sensors will send data to EIS and EIS will use image a cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate the change to produce stable videos.

Sony’s IMX377 image sensor Lower power and low light

IMX377 is Sony's new image sensor. Compared with previous versions, it captures high resolution image but consumes less power and also deliver better image quality at low light. IMX377 sensor supports 3840*2160 ultra-clear 4K video resolution and 12M pixel photo. It has 1.55um high sensitivity large sensor pixel size which helps produce bright images with clear details and less noise even in poor lighting conditions. YI 4K captures every moment of the action in ultra-clear 4K video resolution or 240fps frame rate.


Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) 

With wide-angle lens comes along lens distortion. Fortunately, the powerful A9SE75 SOC can correct the distortion in real-time. You can save your distortion free image/video directly from your camera. Skip unnecessary editing, simple as that.

360° omni-directional dual microphones
produce studio sound quality
Records stereo sound in 48kHz with dual microphones. High-sensitivity and high signal to noise (SNR) microphones capture crystal clear sound even in noisy environments. Built-in highly optimized AAC encoder to record every detail of the sound.

One button + one touchscreen
It is almost too easy
Powerful state-of-art technologies inside, simple and intuitive design on the outside. Everything can be done with just one button and one touch screen. Select shooting modes, settings, album and a shortcut menu like smartphone on the LCD touchscreen.

1 second quick start
Record instantly with one touch
Wake up the camera from sleep mode in just 1 second so you won't miss a moment. Even when powered-off, the camera can be ready to record in just 3 seconds.

Manual IQ parameters settings for  advanced photographers

YI 4K Action Camera allows you to manually set IQ parameters such as Shutter, Exposure Value Compensation (EV), Level Sensitivity (ISO), Metering Mode, White Balance (WB) and more. Choose between 9 shooting modes. Achieve your potential and create professional work.

Cutting edge Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro technology to create smooth and stabilized time lapse videos from YI 4K video

YI 4K Action Camera now supports Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro technology for flawless time lapse videos It uses 4K video frame to recreate 3D space and resample the video frames from the 3D space to create smoother and time lapse video which is perfect for sharing
Comparison Between Go Pro Hero 4 and Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2

YI 4K Action Camera

GoPro HERO4 Black

Processor Ambarella A9SE Ambarella A9
Sensor Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3" Sony IMX117 12MP 1/2.3"
Lens 7 glass, 155 degree wide-angle 7 glass, 155 degree wide-angle
Display Built-in 2.19-inch retina widescreen with touch. 640-by-360 pixels at 330 ppi Need external display which has poor color quality and low resolution
Wi-Fi module Broadcom BCM43340 dual-band, 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz, above 3MB/s download speed * Atheros QCA6134X,single-band 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz only, around 1.5MB/s download speed *
Battery 3.85V 1400mAh 5.39Wh 3.8V 1160mAh 4.4Wh
Battery Life 120 minutes 4K/30 video recording * 65 minutes 4K/30 video recording
Gyroscope/Accelerometer Embedded low power and high resolution 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope None
Microphone Dual microphone Single microphone
Remote Control Low power Bluetooth remote control Wi-Fi remote control
Power consumption and heat managements State-of-art low power 28nm A9SE chip, no overheat problem. Camera temperature is consistently lower than GoPro HERO4 Black Old A9 chip, power consumption is high
Video Mode Up to 4K 30fps and 720p 240fps Up to 4K 30fps and 720p 240fps
Photo Mode Up to 12-megapixel photo Up to 12-megapixel photo
Timer Mode Countdown timer 3, 5, 10 and 15s before shooting None
Burst Mode 30 photos per second 30 photos per second
Time Lapse Video Mode Built-in support of 0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60s interval Built-in support of 0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60s interval
Slow Motion Mode Supports 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 speed slow motion directly, no need for editing afterwards No built-in support
Loop Recording Continuous recording Continuous recording
Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) Built-in support No built-in support
Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Supported None
Auto Low Light Automatic low light detection and frame rate adjustment to ensure good exposure Automatic low light detection and frame rate adjustment to ensure good exposure
Manual Mode Supports manual setting for shutter/ISO/EV/WB Supports manual setting for shutter/ISO/EV/WB
Power on Speed 3 seconds 5 seconds
Main Processor
Ambarella A9SE chipset, includes a 800 MHz dual-core. Cortex-A9 ARM CPU and a high-performance digital.
signal processing (DSP) subsystem with a 32-Mpixel. image sensor pipeline (ISP), and an advanced.
H.264 encoder capable of 4K resolution.
Image Sensor
SONY IMX377, 1/2.3", 12 megapixels CMOS image sensor with Exmor R ability.
LCD Screen
2.19", 640*360 resolution touch screen, 330PPI, 250cd/m2 brightness, 30FPS, 160° FOV, 16:9
Lens F2.8 aperture / 155° wide-angle lens, 7G, f=2.68mm
Broadcom BCM3340 Dual-band 5GHz /2.4GHz, built-in (802.11 abgn), offers 30Mbps download speed
3.4 ounces (camera + battery)
65 x 42 x 21 mm

Video Resolutions

Video Resolutions Frames Per Second (fps) NTSC/PAL Field of View (FOV) Screen Resolution
4K 30, 25 Ultra Wide 3840x2160
2.5K 30, 25 Ultra Wide 2560x1920
1440p 60, 50, 30, 25 Medium, Narrow 1920x1440
1080p 120, 100, 60, 50, 30, 25 Ultra Wide, Medium 1920x1080
960p 120, 100, 60, 50 Medium, Narrow 1280x960
720p 240, 200 Narrow 1280x720
480p 240, 200 Narrow 848x480
Video Format
H.264 codec, .mp4 file format
Time Lapse Video
Creates video from frames captured at set intervals.
4K (16:9)\2.5K(4:3) fps:30\25
Interval:0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60s
Slow Motion
Record high frame rate video, play it at a low frame rates, form the slow motion video
720p fps:60\120\240, 2\4\8 times
Video + Photo
Record video and capture Time Lapse photos at the same time. Interval: 5, 10, 30, 60s.
1080p60\1080p30\1440p30\2.5K p30
Record a continuous video loop and overwrites itself until you press the shutter button to stop it and save.
Video length:5 min, 20 min, 60 min, 120 min, Max
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