Zte Axon Mini, Light weight Power packed Phone - Review

The ZTE Axon Mini is the little brother of the ZTE Axon Elite. The mid-range smartphone features a Snapdragon 615 processor with 3GB of RAM, a 5.2 inch AMOLED FullHD display, 32GB of internal memory and a 13 megapixel camera. In addition, the smartphone comes with some exciting additional features on the board: the ZTE Axon Mini just like the Iphone 6S has a force-touch display (3D touch). This is a display that can differentiate different pressure stages. In addition, a fingerprint sensor and an Irisscanner are installed. What the ZTE Axon Mini actually does and whether the additional functions can convince you will learn in the following test report.

The Design Factor

Zte Axon mini is very light in weight and easy to carry, body of the ZTE Axon Mini is an alloy of aluminum and titanium with different shades that is the same as used in the Boeing 787 , so it retains a lightness own plastic models and remains at only 140 Grams. As far as the thickness is concerned, the one offered by this model is 7.9 millimeters. All in all, it must be said that it is a nice model to use and it does not bother anything in the hand as well as in the pockets.

The rear cover of the Axon Mini can not be removed. The battery is not replaceable. A sim card slot on the right can be used to insert 2 sim cards or a sim card and a microSD card into the smartphone, this is the usual trend of today's smart phones

The ZTE Axon Mini is available in gold and silver color. The design of the smartphone should certainly not meet everyone's taste. However, ZTE dare something and who likes a mobile phone that does not look like the other unit slime could be happy with the ZTE.

 The Force Touch Feature

ZTE Axon Mini has a 5.2 inch display with a full HD resolution (1920 * 1080).  The color reproduction is natural. Also the brightness is good with up to 500cd / m² and a readability in sunlight is guaranteed.

another prominent feature of The Zte Axon mini is the, Force-Touch function of the Axon Mini is also interesting. The display differs how strongly the display is pressed. In this way, different pressure levels can be used in the system and the ZTE apps. For example, it is possible to go through a fixed pressing on the camera app equal to the front camera, video recording or slow motion. In video playback, you can control how fast you are streaming through the video.  However, I am not sure if many users will use the Force-Touch feature frequently.

The ZTE Axon Mini uses on-screen buttons, reducing the screen area usable for content. The built-in touchscreen is a 10-point touchscreen, which allows the mobile phone to be operated quickly and precisely. Many writers will get their money's worth!

Processing Power

The ZTE Axon Mini is equipped with the Snapdragon 615 Octa Core processor and 3GB RAM. The processor has two clusters - one for energy-efficient normal use and a performance cluster for demanding tasks like games. In the premium version a slightly faster Snapdragon 616 is used. The Snapdragon 616 clocks per core with up to 1.7GHz while the Snapdragon 615 reaches 1.5GHz. However, you will not notice a big difference between the premium and the standard version. The ZTE Axon offers a good speed overall and is well adapted to the system.

At loading times it is rare and the operating speed in apps, web and system is always pleasantly fast. Apps open without waiting, between different applications can be changed without delay and thanks to the 3GB large memory, the ZTE Axon Mini also offers enough multitasking capability. The system stores around 1GB of RAM, which means that there is still enough capacity for apps. The RAM speed is high with 5GB / s. The internal memory of 32GB has a very good write speed of 115MB / s. However, the reading speed is not the fastest with 130MB / s .


The ZTE Axon Mini has an 8 megapixel camera on the front and a 13 megapixel camera on the back. The camera app offers various settings and filters and is easy to use. Below the camera on the back is a dual LED flash. In daylight shooting, the camera produces good pictures. The color reproduction is largely realistic, only a slight over saturation of the colors is occasionally perceptible. The sharpness of the Axon Mini unfortunately lies only in the mediocre range.

In good light conditions, it must be said that the 13-megapixel camera behaves quite well. The images obtained offer a good definition and the colors are realistic. That is to say, it complies, but without particular emphasis. 

he Axon Mini also shows mini-deficits during night and indoor shooting. Here, a picture noise occurs relatively quickly. Videos can be recorded with FullHD resolution. The video quality is average. Occasionally, the videos lack brightness and especially in low light, the recording is poor.

The front camera shoots photos with 8MP. For Selfies the camera is good. In general, however, the images could bear a better sharpness

Battery, the power of 2800 mah

The ZTE Axon Mini features a 2800mAh battery. For a 5.2 inch smartphone, this is an average good value. In the stand, the Axon Mini consumes only very little energy and whoever takes his hand only rarely can count on two days of running time. With a medium display brightness, the Axon Mini creates 7 hours of video playback. Power users are also using the smartphone through the day.

a good light weight Phone to buy!

Concluding, the ZTE mini for a price tag of $160, is a good phone with power packed features

  •  Very good full-HD AMOLED display
  •  system performance
  •  battery life
  •  32GB + 3GB RAM and Processor

  •  Camera, is average, could be better
  •  there could be much improvement to software

Gearbest is currently selling Zte Axon mini B2016 variant for $169 including free shipping,

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