Difference Between CRC9 and TS9 Antenna Connectors

If you are reading this post its obvious that you are in need of a CRC9 or TS9 or either using any USB Modems. Today's 3G and 4G  Modems are featured with External Antenna Ports, Either TS9 or CRC9

Mostly ZTE Modems comes with TS9 and Huawei Modems comes with CRC9 External Antenna Connectors, but sometimes they might be interchanged, always look for your Device Specifications for the Right Standard(CRC9/TS9)

Coming to Actual Difference between he CRC9 and TS9 Connectors, Both Look almost similar, but when have a deep look into it, we can see a greater difference in it.

The Front of TS9 Connector has a bigger Diameter when compared to CRC9.See the Below Picture for the difference in the Diameters.

In My Next post, i will show you how to make home made antenna to attain -20dbm gain,for your USB Modems using these small connectors, keep watching this blog.
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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for posting this info! I purchased a used Verizon Wireless jetpack MHS291LVZ (made by Pantech) and have been trying to figure out the correct antenna adapter spec. I measured the outer diameter of the (two) antenna connectors on the jetpack and found this to be exactly 2.5mm! That would seem to indicate the connectors are neither IP-9 (2mm), nor CRC9 (3mm), nor TS-9 (3.5mm). Is there still another type of connector which has a 2.5mm spec??? Any insight appreciated. Thank you!

  2. I had some wireless cards that used MC connectors, not sure if that is what you needed