An Unexpected Internal Error Has Occurred With HP Scanjet Scanners

'An Unexpected Internal Error Has Occurred' Error With HP Scanjet Scanners and Other HP products.An Error Occurred Communicating with the Scanning Device could also display when trying to use the HP Products or HP softwares.

An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. Please ensure that the scanning device is connected properly and try again displays on the computer screen.

'An Unexpected Internal Error Has Occurred' When scanning from HP director software or when clicking on the scan picture or the scan document button on the HP director or when you press the scan buttons on the scanner. there are several reasons this error could occur, check the below possible solutions in order to resolve the issue.

1) Make sure there is a proper connectivity between the scanner and the computer, disconnect and reconnect all the cables of the scanner, make sure your scanner is powered on.

Try scanning from the scanners and cameras wizard in control panel, if you are able to scan then there is no issue with the scanner or with the connectivity between your computer.there could be an issue with your installed HP Software that is causing the problem, follow the below solutions to resolve the issue further.if you are unable to scan from the scanners and cameras wizard then you need to check in the device manager.follow the below steps to open the device manager from the run command.

Click on Start --> Run . In Run please type: devmgmt.msc - This will open Device manager. Please check whether you find any entries for the Scanner under Imaging devices in the Device Manager window and if the scanner is listed there without any Yellow '?' or '!' marks. If it is then the issue could be with the drivers. You may need to reinstall them.

The following is a list of Scanjet and All-in-One devices that have versions of the HP Photo and Imaging software less than 2.1 and can cause the " Unexpected Internal Error " or " An Unsupported operation was attempted " error when using the scanner:

  • HP Scanjet 2300 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 2400 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 3970 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 3500 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 3570 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 4370 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 4500 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 4570 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 5500 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 5550 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 5590 scanner series
  • HP Scanjet 7800 Document Scanner
  • HP Scanjet 8270 Document Flatbed Scanner
  • HP Scanjet 8300 Digital Flatbed Scanner Series
  • HP Scanjet 8300 Professional Image Scanner
  • HP Scanjet 8350 Document Flatbed Scanner
  • HP Scanjet 8390 Document Flatbed Scanner
  • HP PSC 2110
  • HP PSC 2210
  • HP PSC 2175
  • HP PSC 1210
  • HP Officejet 4110
  • HP Officejet 6110
Only the Scanjet 4570C, 5500C, and 5550C currently are known to experience an " Unexpected Internal Error " because of issues with USB 2.0. If the HP Scanjet that is experiencing the " Unexpected Internal Error " and is not a 4570C, 5500C, 5550C skip to this solution posted on Official HP Website.

Solution For "An Unexpected Internal Error Has Occurred" For HP Scanjet Scanner and All-In-One Products.

1) Try installing the Patch, Click here to download COL10862.exe the patch. Make sure you close all the HP softwares before installing the patch.This patch will resolve "Unexpected Internal Errors" and some "Communications Failure" errors that may occur when there are mutiple versions of HP Image Zone and/or Photo and Imaging software on your system.

2) Execute (double-click) the hpqdstcp.exe file

1. Right-click Start , and then click Explore . The Windows Explorer window opens.

2. Click C: , Program files , HP , Digital imaging , and then bin .
Or, click C: , Program files , Hewlett-Packard , Digital imaging , and then bin .

3. Locate and then double-click hpqdstcp.exe . You will not see the file launch or install.

4. Retry the scan from HP Director or HP software.

3) Check whether you have any multiple scanner devices listed in Select Device Tab in HP Director, like HP Scanjet Scanner 3970#1, 3970#2..Still No go?

4) Locate the HP Photo and Imaging Director or HP Director Icon on the desktop or from the Start -> Programs -> HP Menu under Start Button. Follow the steps below.

i) Right click on HP Director Icon and select Properties.
ii) In Properties window click on 'Compatibility' Tab.'
iii) In 'Compatibility' tab uncheck all option are checked/ticked and click on Apply and "OK" and then try to scan from HP Director.Still No go?

5) You need to perform the clean uninstallation of the HP software, then install the older versions first and then then higher versions.make sure your back up your pictures and other scanned stuff to some other location before uninstalling.

STEP I:- Disconnect the scanner from the computer.

STEP II:- Completely uninstall the software from Add/Remove Programs

1. Click Start==>Control Panel.
2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
3. Uninstall HP photo and Imaging software

STEP III:- Delete the Digital Imaging folder from C:\Programs Files\HP or Hewlett-Packard

You need to go to C:\Programs Files\HP or Hewlett-Packard. Then check for the folder with name "Digital Imaging". Once you find this folder, delete it.

NOTE:- If you experience any issues with deleting "Digital Imaging" folder, the you can start computer in safe mode and can delete it. Here are the steps to start computer in safe mode:

(a). Restart the computer.
(b). While the computer restarts, press and hold down the F8 key until the Windows XP Startup menu appears.
(c). Choose Safe mode from the Startup menu and press Enter.

STEP IV :- Delete the Entry from registry.

NOTE: Anytime you go into the Registry, it is very important that you first backup the Registry, so that you can recover any settings within the registry that you may change by mistake.

To backup the Registry, follow the steps given below:

1. Click on "start==>Run.
2. Type regedit and click on OK.
The Registry Editor Window opens up.
3. From the File menu, Select Export.
4. Give the file name as Regbackup and save it in Desktop.

If the system did not work properly after you modify the registry, you can restore the registry by double clicking on the file Reg backup. This file will restore the registry to previous settings.

After backing up the registry, follow the steps given below:

1. Click Start.
2. Go to Run.
3. Type regedit and click on Ok.

Registry editor will open.

4. Click the plus sign (+) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
5. Click the plus sign (+) next to SOFTWARE.
6. Locate the Hewlett Packard folder and HP. Right click and then delete it.

Restart the Computer and reinstall the scanner software without connecting the scanner, I hope this should resolve the communication error.Checkout the HP website for other possible solutions or contact HP.

Post your comments below to get a better help on the Issue.

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  1. Sometimes resetting the printer does the job too..

  2. Chaised around this issue for an hour before stumbling across this website after already removing / reinstalling software.

    Perhaps it was removing it from the registry that did the trick.


  3. I've tried all this and my paperweight - I mean scanjet 3970 - still won't work. It's about time to trash it.

  4. Man, I can't tell you how nice it was to finally have this problem solved. We've got an officejet 6110xi and started with the HP Director problem after an IE upgrade. Once that was solved, we had the scanning error. I went through your instructions step by step and after unchecking the "compatibility", the HP Director now scans!! Thank you so much for posting this.

  5. Ans, you are the Master. If you are from HP then I am surprised. I tried talking with HP, I tried to uninstall the software, and then do a re-install. Those did not work. You took a lot of stress off me. Thank you.

    I will make your solution searchable to all owners of HP imaging devices experiencing problems like these. Keywords: HP Photosmart C4280 C4200 All-in-one imaging device Unexpected internal error

  6. Thank you!!! Yippee!! 3970 it works again!!! Annie

  7. I've done all this MULTIPLE TIMES with my older Scanjet 3570cxi,but still no go. The scanner worked before I re-installed Windows XP on my new hard drive, it also works on my laptop. The problem is somewhere in the Scan Director, because I can get the scan program to run when I run it directly from the bin directory.

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  9. I have the same scanner and exactly the same problem as anonymous (dated May 3, 2009).

    None of these solutions works.

    I have re-installed drivers and software, edited the registry, installed every patch I could find on the HP website, and on and on, to no avail.

  10. Holy smokes, that link to the patch you provided did the trick. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling a zillion times prior to that, to no avail.

    THANKS! And happy new year!

  11. This scanner is not even worth all this trouble!

  12. Wau, yes the compatibility option has worked wonders for me after struggling for so many hours. thanks for the help.

  13. Wow, this did really wonders for me. Tanks guys.

  14. Thank you thank you! The patched worked after hours of un/installing. Thank you so much for posting this!

  15. Have u got anything for HP officejet 4355 series?
    I tried all except deleting the registry which i dont want to try.All the scanning works through the scanner and camera wizard but not through HP solution center(director)

  16. thank you the link to "patch" you provided it works especially on my printer hp6110 all in one office jet

  17. Wow Wow just worked to fix even my old hp psc 1400


  18. An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. Please ensure that the scanning device is connected properly and try again displays on the computer screen.

    My HP Scanner (MOdel HP Officejet 5610 All in One) giving the command as given.

    Pls give me solution. I tried reinstall, and again the same happening.

  19. excellent instructions

  20. you are a star for giving such clear instructions for a 'internal error......'preventing me scanning from my computer
    after deleting and reloading hp software numerous times for my photosmart c7180 and searching for a solution i stumbled across this webpage and followed the instuctions to remove any connected HP files from program files in the c drive , after, yet another reinstall.
    also removed the temp files as stated and after the reinstall , no more internal error when trying to scan now ....fixed!!!!

    brilliant instuctions

  21. Fantastic. I've been having these problems ever since I upgraded my computer and have had to rely on somebody else in the office doing my scans for me. I have deleted and reinstalled more times that I can remember, nothing works. I have followed your instructions to the letter and it works!! What actually fixed mine was your suggestion to delete the entry from the registry - now all perfect. Thank you so much.

  22. Thanks, I downloaded the patch and it fixed the problem - printing and copying was fine, but kept getting the "An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. Please ensure that the scanning device is connected properly and try again." message after installing a new ADSL2 modem.