How To Check Your HP Product Warranty Status

HP Launched Consumer Support Page to check the Warranty Status of the HP Products. If you would like to check the warranty status, all you need is the Serial No and the Product Number of your HP Product

Usually The S/N and P/N numbers can be viewed on label of bar code of the product which is presented on the bottom /side of the product.

The Serial Number (s/n) is a ten-digit alpha-numeric number that is unique to your product.
The Product Number (p/n) is a six or seven-digit alpha-numeric number that identifies your product. as shown below.

If you are unsure to find the Product and Serial Number,then use the Automatic product detection and warranty check tool, this will install a small application which automatically detects your HP Products and display the Warranty Information.

Click Here to Visit the HP Warranty Check Portal 

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