Amkov AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ Sports Camera Accessories

Amkov, the renowned brand which produced the famous AMkov 5000s and Amkov 7000 series sports action cameras, has now come up with good set of accessories for its cameras. Amkov AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ are two different sets of Sports camera cases which fits most of today's cameras. besides amkov cameras, the most popular GoPro Hero 3 and Hero are best compatible cameras for these accessories.

With the evolving technology, every sports action camera is now featuring touch enabled back display, at times, in order to protect the camera from slips and damages, the multi-function cases come handy, its similar to protecting your smart phones with the tempered glass or screen protector, the below picture tell it all, why you need a multi function case.

Amkov AMK-GPO Multifunction Camera Case
Amkov AMK-GPO Multifunction Camera Case

The Patent Design Amkov AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ

With that good introduction, lets get into more details and insights of  Amkov AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ. the patent design- and yes as per the official information, Amkov claims to be holding the patent design rights for these two multi-function accessories.


Material: Engineering Leather
Dimensions: 65mm (L) * 48 mm (w) * 29 mm (h)
Weight: 43 Grams
Accessories: Leather Case, Back Clip, Lens Cap and Lanyard

The Different between the AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ - the GPO and the SJ share the same technical technical specifications , but they vary in design and compatibility with the camera, the AMK-GPO series accessory is design to fit most of the Amkov cameras and the Gopro hero sized cameras, while the SJ accessory is suitable for SJ series cameras.

Unboxing-Insights of Amkov Multi-function Cases

What you get as part of the package is , a multi-function camera case, removable black clip, lens cap and a lanyard.

Back View, when equipped with the Back Holding Clip, the beauty of this small little case is, it can rotate 180*. and all the function buttons the power button, capture button and the wifi, including the memory cards slots are easily accessible when camera is inside the case.

The below picture tells the story of 180 angle of the back clip

The Front of the case showing the lens cap equipped along with the lanyard  

Side view of the case, accessibility to the charging ports and SD card slots

Image Gallery of AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ Camera Case

Bottom Line: if you are looking for a protective case for your sports action camera, Amkov AMK-GPO and AMK-SJ are worth giving try, they have a good build quality with accessibility to the function buttons to the camera when inside.

Along side, the adjustable back clip makes it easy to shift the angle of the camera on the move, without actually holding the camera in hand.

For Bulk order, you can get in touch with the Amkov sales for further inquiries on pricing here or from below mentioned contact information

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Amkovery Technology Co.,Limited
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