How To Refresh and reinstall USB Ports Of Your Computer

Hello there, the other day i tried refreshing and reinstalling the usb ports on my PC, as some of my connecting devices are not recognized . I present the detailed procedure on refrshing the usb ports..lets go!!

Here are the steps to refresh/reinstakll/uninstalling the USB ports on the computer.

The USB port needs to be refreshed to make sure that no other device has captured the USB port of the computer.(mouse, video camera, your external usb hard disk) what ever it may be.

Follow the steps given below to refresh USB ports.

1. Right-click My Computer icon on the desktop, and then select Properties.
2. Click the Hardware tab.
3. Click the Device Manager button.
4. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of Universal Serial Bus controllers.
5. Right-click the device listed under Universal Serial Bus controller and select Uninstall.
6. Click OK to confirm the removal of the device.

Please note, repeat Steps 5 and 6 until all the devices under Universal Serial Bus Controller are removed.

7. Shut down the computer.

CAUTION: Ensure that the Shut Down option is selected, instead of the Restart option.

8. Wait for 5 seconds and then restart the computer. When the computer restarts, a "Windows has detected new or added hardware" message window will open.

The above steps will refresh the USB ports.

Now connect the the USB devices like mouse, video camera, your external usb hard disk...usb hubs...whatever you like and the drivers should install automatically.

Tip: It is allways recommended to connect the main usb devices at the rear end usb they require more power to initate.

Hp Answers


  1. The above steps are for XP operating system. When coming to the matter of Vista, please note the changes below:
    1) Right-click Computer icon from the desktop , and then click Properties to open the System Properties window, and then select the Device Manager tab.

    2) Click the Plus (+) sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers/Root hub.

    3) Click the USB Composite Device entry to highlight it, and then click Remove. If a screen appears to confirm the deletion, confirm the deletion.

    4) Disconnect the USB cable to the all-in-one, wait a couple seconds, and then reconnect the cable. This should restart Windows device detection (Plug and Play).

    5) A New Hardware found screen may appear, click Next through all of the screens that appear for the Wizard to install the USB Composite Device. Click Finish once the wizard completes.


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  2. worked for me too. thanks ^^

  3. when i tried to uninstall, after 2 or 3 devices the mouse and keyboard are not working.. this happende twice..wat to do.? only one pendrive is getting detected by my other pendrives modems even my phone is also not getn me.. am using windows 7 ultimate..