Performing TMA Self Test For HP G4050 Scanjet Scanner

Want to Check whether the TMA of the G4050 scanner is working properly? then first you need to know the different areas of the G4050 scanner. Check the Below Video.

Follow The Below steps to perform the TMS Self Test To check the basic functionality.

1) Disconnect the USB cable from the back of the scanner.

2) Connect the cable from the document cover (TMA) to the TMA port on the back of the scanner base unit.

3) With the power module connected to the power source, connect the power module cable to the back of the scanner.

NOTE: If the power switch on the back of the scanner is in the on position, the blue LED located above the buttons on the document cover (TMA) illuminates.

4) If the power switch located on the back of the scanner is in the On position, then change it to the Off position.

5) Switch the power on.

6) Once both the lamp carriage in the base unit and the lamp carriage in the TMA return to the home position then switch the power off.

7) Lift the scanner lid and remove the TMA glass cover to be able to see the TMA lamp carriage.

8) Press and hold the Scan Film ( ) and Copy ( ) buttons down, and set the power switch to the On position.

When the base unit lamp carriage starts to move, release both the buttons.

9) During a successful TMA self test, the scanner does the following:

The TMA lamp illuminates.

The TMA lamp carriage moves the full length of the TMA window, and then returns to the home position.

The TMA lamp turns off.

To end the self test, set the power switch to the Off position.

If the TMA self test results were as described above, then the test was successful

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