Sony Ericsson PC Suite Synchronization and Backup Folder on PC

Would you like to know the Sony Ericsson's PC Suite 3.209 Synchronisation folder and the Back up folders on your PC? You are at the right place!!

Sony Ericsson PC Suite uses two different locations to store the data like Synchronised Calendar, Contacts, Tasks , sent/received SMS information. I recommend you to back the following explained folder for future reference and experiments.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite Synchronisation Folder Location on PC:

Make sure you selected to show hidden files and folders from Tools--Folder options--Select Show hidden files and folders in windows xp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Sony Ericsson\Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Just double click on Sync-->SyncML folders you have all the synchronisation data as in the below screen.

Calendar Calendar-uid Contacts Contacts-uid Tasks Tasks-uid and an xml which refers your mobile IMEI , open them you will have the needed information.

Click Here to Know Sony Ericsson's PC Suite Text Messages Backup Folder On PC

It might be more useful when the contacts,calendar,tasks in your phone are acceidentally deleted or corrupted

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  1. I am very very very sorry, but hopping to save some further possible victims I think I MUST say this.

    After updating phone sw (firmware) for my C902 through the PC SUITE, I lost a huge number of information - SMS messages and most of phone settings!!!!!!!!

    Therefore, I've experienced in a paintful way that the PC SUITE is an incredible piece of shit! Sorry, just that! I use plenty of freeware software dowloaded from web, sometimes produced even by amateurs, but I cannot remember such a negligence and indolence about user's data as from PC SUITE! That's why I didn't expected these consequences upon a regularely and successfully executed firmware update. The top surprise was my discovery that procedure simply removed my SMS messages, but didn't offer any way to restore them back! Chears!

    So I am going immediatelly to escape on whatever else piece of software for backup/restore of phone data, but PC SUITE ... No thanks. NEVER AGAIN!

  2. plz give me pc suite link sony ericssion 3.2