Sony Ericsson PC Suite Version 3.2 Download and Quick Guide

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite Version 3.209.00 by avanquest software is released, i was excited about the sony ericsson pc suite 3.2 version. The layout and the style of the pc suite version 3.2 is amazing the features as on the below image to have a seak at the sony ericsson pc suite 3.2 version.

Go download the Sony ericsson PC suite version 3.2 now!! you can download the Sony ericsson pc suite version 3.2 for both windows vista and windows xp all versions from the below weblink.Its amazing with the new interface and the features.

System requirements
  • Pentium II - 233 MHz or more
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard drive space
  • Windows XP (all versions SP1/SP2) or Windows Vista (all versions)
Sony Ericsson PC Suite Version 3.209.00

Latest Update

Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.0 Download Version 4.006.00 is available for download

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Main User Interface

The interface colour changes according to the Phone connection status:

When the phone is connected in Phone mode, the colour green is displayed on the main user interface.

When the phone is connected in Mass storage mode, the colour orange is displayed on the main user interface.

When the phone is connected in Media transfer mode, the colour blue is displayed on the main user interface.

When the phone is not connected, the colour grey is displayed on the main user interface.

I love the feature os sending text mesaages from the computer to any mobile from the PC suite 3.2.

1) The Text Messages window enables you to handle text messages easily, allowing you to edit and send text messages via the keyboard of your computer. you can even read ,send and save the the text messages in sony ericsson PC suite 3.2.

2) The Picture Messages window enables you to create and manage customised multimedia messages to be sent from your computer or mobile phone to another mobile phone.

These multimedia messages may contain text, retouched pictures or images, graphics and sound that you can customise prior to transmission. The files you can attach to these messages may be of various formats: jpeg, gif, txt, wav, midi, etc.

3) The Synchronisation window allows you to synchronise data between your phone and computer in order to always stay updated on both devices.

Depending on the capabilities of your phone, you can synchronise your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and bookmarks.

The supported databases are Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, Windows Address Book, Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar. The supported browser is Internet Explorer®.

Your phone must be connected in Phone mode to be able to synchronise. If your phone is disconnected or connected in Mass storage/Media transfer mode, synchronisation is not possible.

4) The Internet Connection window allows you to connect to the Internet using your phone. To use this feature, your phone must be connected in "Phone" mode.

The Internet Connection window can be accessed by clicking the Internet Connection button located in the Tools group. The Internet Connection window displays your current connection status (Offline or Online).

Within the Internet Connection window, you can also:

Manage your connections (create, delete or edit your connections).
View connection information in real time (Operator, Network, Connection time, Data received or sent). View your connection logs.

In addition if you are looking for the updated and the latest version of the sony ericsson theme creator 3.27 you can get it here

1. Themes Creator 3.27 (Windows)
2. Bluetooth Remote Control 3.04 (Windows)
3. Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java ME Platform
4. Themes Creator 3.27
(OS X)
5. Developers' Guidelines - Themes

HP Answers


  1. Thanks for the information on Sony Ericsson PC Suite Version 3.209.00. just going to install and see how it works.

  2. We're a SonyEricsson house.
    3 phones and software.
    Before you get too carried away with the fabulousness of 3.2 - try uninstalling it from Vista.
    I can tell you it is well nigh impossible.
    I needed to run my W810i on a new laptop so I needed to uninstall a previously installed 3.2 as it is not compatible with the W810i.
    The built in uninstaller doesn't work.
    The program itself does not register on the Vista Add/Remove Program menu in the control panel.

    If any one has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.

  3. You can try Revo Unistaller.

    I have installed the last version of SE PC Suite, but i can't connect my phone by bluethoot, it crash everytimes!!

    Anyone have a solution for this?


  4. argggggh!!! damn you $ony... i can't uninstall this piece of crap PC suite from my vista machine... i took about six years to install the drivers in the first place and as Peter said, it doesn't show up in add/remove progs and the uninstaller in the start menu doesn't work.. i only installed the thing so i could rip the address book from my broken screened $ony piece of crap phone. i spent about a year trying to avoid this company's software after their sonicstage debacle and i *knew* i shouldn't have bothered with this app on vista.... my iphone is on order now. i'm going to try that revo uninstaller, as per thot's suggestion. i'll let you know how i go. arrrgh!!!!

  5. Okay, my rage is (sort of) over.. and it turns out, i'm (sort of) half to blame for problem.. Here's the go Peter.. I suspect, like me, during the initial setup, you became soooo annoyed with waiting for the vista drivers to install, you ctrl alt del'd out of the ghastly situation... then, you saw the shortcut on your desktop was there anyway, and lo and behold, the app opened, and vista itself magically located, download and installed the necessary drivers (using the OS, rather than the $ony installer) I reckon that corrupted the uninstall info for the program.. SO.. THE SOLUTION..? If you do want to uninstall PC Suite is.. Run the initial set-up exe file again and make some dinner or something for the hour it takes to install.. but LET it install itself.. then... The app will show up as expected in add/remove programs.. and you can uninstall it as you would usually do.. YAY! $ony $till $ucks though!

  6. Just got a new SE C902, installed this new version of teh PC Suite after uninstalling the old. Utter shit. Crashes every time on my XP Pro laptop.

  7. could you please post me a error message that you are getting?

  8. i just got my se c902, installed the new version of PC suite 3.2 and it automatically uninstalled the previous version. Although it recognises the new phone, in phone mode i cannot get pass the first window which menions the overview etc. I click on sychronization or files but it doesnt enter the other window allowing me to make transfers...any idea?

  9. I recommend you to completely uninstall the sony ericsson pc suite and then make sure you deselect check for the updates automatically while installing. later,check for the gree phone icon in the taskbar if connected in phone mode.

  10. my c902 used to be able to bluetooth pictures to my hp dv3000 pavillion, which runs on vista, before but now it wont read saying i dont have the right drivers. Is there any way to solve this problem. It just suddenly wont pair with my phone anymore.