Blogger Reactions Fix For Customized Blogger Templates

Bloggers Reactions Feature is now live. The Blogger Buzz Officially announced about the reactions feature for the blogger users. I have been looking to enable the reactions feature of the blogger since long time, you can see at the end of the post how the blogger reactions look like(of course you can react to this post), the highly Customized WP Premium Template Blogger Template.

There is a great tutorial on Blogger Buzz On how to enable the Reactions for your blog from blogger. Briefly, login to your blogger account Click on layout ,click page elements and click on edit in the main blog posts element.Just Tick Mark the Reactions box to enable to reactions for your blog and save, its obvious that you need to use the layout template in order to do so.

Interestingly, though I enabled the reactions option in Blog Posts element, I am unable to see the reaction for my posts, later came to a conclusion that its due to the customized template that I am using(WP Premium Professional Blogger Template)-never afraid! Google has solution for everything. check out the solution, trick and fix on how to enable reactions for customized blogger templates posted by Amanda at Blogger Buster

Hopefully you should have the reactions showing up at the end of every post, you can even organize and edit reactions as per your blog theme, Just drag and drop the reactions element wherever you like from Blog Post element in the layout section of the blogger , the best would be at the end of the post which allows user to react about your post. React about This!!



  1. oh you made it very simple! Perfect!!

  2. You're great! :) I had to read 2 other blogs, before finding yours... you actually made me understand! lol

    I suggest you should make the


    more prominent. lol, that confused me slightly.