GoDaddy Hosting File Manager Allows Zip Tar Gzip Archive and Unarchive

Godaddy, the leading Domain Names and Web Hosting sellers provides a feature of archive and unarchive of zip files and Tar Gzip files. If your website is hosted at godaddy you can zip the contents of your website and make a complete backup of your site using the most used zip and tar gzip formats(this is one of the Interesting features I was looking for on GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel). I was not much to the GoDaddy file manager as I always use Filezilla or other ftp programs to upload my Files. Interestingly, I found archive feature , the way to compress the directories and extract the zipped and tar Gzip files feature on file manager amazed to see that In GoDaddy hosting control panel which allows the backups and uploads more faster. The File Manager, located in the Hosting Control Center, allows to manage Web site files and directories. You can move, rename, and delete files and directories; upload and download files; and sort items in the File Manager list.

Undoubtedly, This ability to compress and archive files assists in easier account maintenance and file storage. Additionally, by compressing items we can save lot of time. On the other hand as of now Godaddy allows only 20mb file zip, of course you can archive(zip) any number of 20mb size files.

Here Are simple Steps to Access the GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel and File Manager

Login To you Godaddy Web Hosting Account--Click On Hosting Tab-->My Hosting Account-->Select The Website And Click On Manage Account. You Will get into the hosting control panel, while you are at the hosting control panel click on Content Drop Down and Click on File Manager to access the files and directories of your website.Check here for the detailed tutorials of the godaddy file manager.



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