hpqgpc01.exe - Application Error While PC ShutDown

hpqgpc01.exe - Application Error : The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000005) occurred in the application at location 0x76bdbe16 you might face a similar error when shutting down your PC or turning off your laptop with windows vista 64-bit operating system installed.

You might get the hpqgpc01.exe - Application Error when the printer is turned off , many of the users including my colleague reported that there is no error when the printer is turned on.

The following is the workaround that is suggested by HP Support Forums Users to fix the issue, you can try your luck! I will keep you updated if hp releases a ptach or fix for the issue.

1) Insert Your Printer Driver Disc
2) Click Start-->Run
3) Type Control Printers and hit enter to bring the printers and faxes window
4) Right click on your HP Printer and click on properties
5) Click On sharing Tab
6) Click on Change Sharing Options. Click On Continue
7) Go To Drivers and click on additional drivers
For you information x64 represent 64 bit drivers and x86 is the 32 bit drivers
8) Keep the x64-bit alone and click on x86-bit
9) Close the program and restart the computer to get the changes effected.

Hopefully you should not have the error again,I tried this workaround and was not completely successful in eradication the error all the time, but restricted to few random times. Post your comments on this workaround using below comments section.



  1. I did this but I still get the exception message at shut down. The one thing I have noticed is that the location identification number changes. The first two I got I was able to find info on a google search, the rest of the numbers do not produce any search results.

  2. I found your information quite helpful. Thanks. However, the exception still pops up when shutting down my laptop. Can't HP figure out the problem and submit a fix? Seems silly to "always have a work around" for such a new printer and Vista OS.

  3. I bought my HP Computer in Feb 2009. The error message location is 0x754e7eb2. It started not too long after buying the computer.

    Since then I have had my hard drive replaced. The hpqpc01.exe application error message still remains.

    This tells me either HP hard drives are crap, or it's coming from somewhere else. Vista?

    Last night I received this cryptic message

    "Authentication Failure. You are not permitted to do that" and it shuts down my computer. What exactly is "that" which I am not supposed to do, is a mystery.

    The hpqgpc01.exe shut down my computer this morning, started up and came up saying "crash dump"

    Thankfully, it's under warranty.

  4. Best bet is to avoid HP Printers. Same problem on a C6180 and on a new fancy HP8500 along with other deficiencies as well..

  5. Yep, best to avoid hp printers if they are too lazy to fix their drivers!!!!

  6. you can find answer here:

  7. I am unable to remove the check mark on the X86 box. Therefore, This was of no help to me. Thanks

  8. Had a similar problem. Realized that I had accidently unplugged the HP printer in the "safely remove hardware" dialogue box when uplugging another device. Shut down the printer, reconnected the device in the USB port, turned the printer on and then tested computer shutdown....voila.....no error message. Check that the device hasn't been disabled in safely remove hardware. Worth a try!

  9. What is the solution of the win exe application error 0xc0000005?

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