Ways To Check Product Compatibility With Windows 7

Is my HP product compatible with windows 7, do my product have windows 7 drivers? This has been a very common question since the release of Windows 7 Operating system, I add up this post to make a bit clear about the compatibility of your products with Windows 7.

HP has windows 7 drivers for most of its products, you can check the availability of windows 7 drivers through the HP Support and Drivers Section Here, just type in the product no or model no of your product to get the driver information. You can check this link for latest information about HP's Windows 7 Support which includes Divers and Downloads Information

You can also get some information about the drivers availability for the below category products,whether the drivers are inbuilt in windows 7 or they available through windows 7 update or the download option through HP.com
If you are looking for HP Scanjet scanners windows 7 drivers, you can get the compatibility chart here. Windows 7 Compatibility Center is also worth taking a look, which provides the information about the drivers and software availability for various top brands like
HP Brother Canon Contoso Dell Epson Kodak Lanier Lexmark Olivetti SpA .

Always check for the regular updates and drivers for your products at respective product support centers.Hope this help some people on earth. If you require any general help, just put me a quick question through this link

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  1. I own an old HP IIcx attached to WinXP with an Adaptec AHA-2940AU. XP will run the old HP Deskscan software just fine. A customer gave me his virtually unused HP 4c scanner to replace mine.

    I upgraded the workstation to Win7 64-bit and it all broke. The SCSI card has no drivers and Deskscan will not install.

    I found an Adaptec 29160 SCSI card that has current drivers for Win7 64-bit. This was NOS from an eBay vendor. Installed OK. But... this card is an HD68 interface, and I have an HD50 cable to the scanner. InfiniteCables.com offers the SC-AD13 adapter to mate the cable and card.

    VueScan software offers Win7 64-bit scanning software and drivers for the HP 4c scanner, plus many others. www.hamrick.com

    I guess it all depends on how badly you want to keep your old scanners.
    My II-cx is a workhorse. The 4c from one of my customers is brand new.