Clearing the Printer Queue Print Jobs For HP Printer Products

The printer software will not operate the printer if there are other print jobs waiting to print. Therefore any jobs waiting to be printed must be cleared. The software can automatically clear print jobs on MS Windows XP and 2000. Clearing print jobs on Windows 98se and ME must be manually done. The following instructions, included in the kit, explain how to clear print jobs.

When print jobs are initiated they are stored in a print job list, also called a print queue. If the printer does not complete the print job (because the printer is off-line, or the print spooler failed), the print job will remain in the print queue causing it to become backed up. Follow the steps below to clear out the print queue.

Clearing out the print queue

1. Click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers.
2. Double-click the Printer to open the print queue.
3. Click the Printer menu.
4. Select Pause Printing if it is not already selected. This will stop all printing to the printer.
5. Click the Printer menu again, select Purge Print Documents or Cancel All Documents, and then click Yes to confirm the action.
6. If there are any documents left in the queue, un-pause the print queue by clicking the Printer menu, and then selecting Pause Printing to resume printing.
7. Click the Printer menu again, and then click Purge Print Documents or Cancel All Documents.
8. If there are still documents in the queue, restart the computer.
9. Once the computer has restarted, check the print queue to ensure that it is clear.

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  1. that does not work the ,cancel ,pause and restart have no effect .its not the spooler .this happened once before I cant remember how to fix it.I will certainly write it down this time when I figure it out.

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  3. That was exactly what I have to do. Thanks for sharing a pretty effective method. Very easy to follow! Reading your article is worth my time browsing!

  4. I hate that you have to restart the computer. I also had a method, but it's on my old computer. Should have saved it on a flash drive. HP kinda SUCKS when it comes to stuck documents!

  5. Restarting is really a hassle if all you want to do is clear up the print queue. I wish there is a one click way of a sure clear of the print queue without restarting

  6. Just a bad design, this has been a problem witb HP for years and years