FiX Xperia X10 Camera Unknown Error and Camera Not Available

Here is the Quick Fix for Xperia X10 Camera Unknown Error and Camera Not Available Error messages when trying to access the Camera Application On Android Version 2.3.3, Xperia X10i.

The first thing that we need to do is to Narrow down the Issue, we need to make ourselves clear whether it is a camera issue or App glitch that is causing the camera to throw the errors. In order to do so, the following steps need to be followed.

Having your S.D Memory card inserted into the Xperia x10, Go To Main Menu and Click on Settings, Open Storage, Tap "Unmount SD Card", by this the SD card should be unmounted. Now Access the camera application, if you are able to access the Camera and view the photography with out the error messages "Unknown Error and Camera Not Available Error", it clearly states your camera(hardware) is functioning fine.

Now the real thing that we need to do, I recommend doing the Factory Reset of the Phone before actually getting into the resolution, Following are the steps to Do So.

Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset ( Note: this will remove all data from the handset but will not touch a memory stick or SIM card)

  • Got to Phone Main Menu
  • Click On Camera Icon
  • As You tap the Camera Icon, It take 2 or 1 Second to Load the Camera Screen
  • As soon as you Enter the Camera Screen, Tap the Available Photos/Videos that were previously shot or available
  • Accessing of the earlier Files, should be immediate, as you enter the Camera Screen
  • Your Camera Should Work Fine Without the Unknown Error and Camera Not Available Error Messages
  • Check the Attached Screenshots For your Reference on Xperia x10 Camera Errors and Problems

If you are still getting Unknown Error and Camera Not Available, you can format the SD card by connecting your Phone as Mass Storage Device, this will definitely work..I bet on it!

Though this seems to be Software Glitch, this should be probably fixed in the coming versions, keep your eyes on Sony Ericsson Software Update Service.

I Encountered this problem after updating My Xperia To Android 2.3.3, Post your successful experiences through the below Comments section

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  1. is there any risk if we unmount sd card? like contacs will gone or else? pls reply this,, really need a help.

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  3. Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction. Very much appreciated.
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  4. Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction. Very much appreciated.
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  5. First of all this dont work, camera is not accessable without the sd card mounted. When you unmount you will get a message saying " no sd card" and then forceclose's. This does not fix the 2.3 update camera issue.

  6. Pelo que vejo, o blog é brasileiro e comentarei em portugues. Cara, isso aí não deu certo pra mim. De fato nem segui todos os passos, a única coisa que fiz pra me livrar logo do problema foi formatar completamente o SD card e fazer o bkp depois via Titanium, mas ainda assim a porcaria da camera não quer funcionar direito.

    Na verdade, o aplicativo padrão do X10 funciona normalmente, apesar de claramente mais lento que qualquer outro aplicativo (muito lento!). Acontece de dar erro na camera quando uso qualquer outro aplicativo, tal como Vignette ou camera 360. Quando dá erro de driver faltando, preciso reiniciar o telefone pra que o mesmo volte a funcionar.

  7. t.q very much for your information..

  8. My Xperia Z showing unknown error, Thanks for valuable information ,on unmounting sd card, camera is working perfectly.


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