APC BR1100CI-IN Back-UPS User Review

To the users who are in hunt of Back Up UPS, I recommend APC BR1100CI-IN. As my microtek 800 VA lasted for only few months, I had to upgrade my UPS and in a hunt, I was tossing between Numeric and APC, after a thorough study went and bought APC BR1100, and it was amazing UPS for Home and Small office users.Bought it for around 5300K

Technical Details:-

Getting into technical details, APC BR1100CI-IN has a Output Power Capacity 660 Watts, which means it supports 660 watts capacity. you can connect your CPU, Monitor, Modems and other essential devices which you would like them to be backed up on power failures.APC BR1100CI-IN is a 1100VA(1.1KVA) Back-Up UPS.

At the Back, APC BR1100CI-IN has an option to connect 5 Devices out of which three will be battery backed up and to of them acts a surge protector.At Font there is a LED status display with "On Line" and "Replace Battery" illumination. Click here for more Technical specification of APC BR1100CI-IN

(2) India 2/3-pin 6A (Surge Protection)- Your Lap Top, Audio System
(3) India 2/3-pin 6A (Battery Backup)- Your CPU, Monitor, Modems

Battery Backup And Experience:

After getting the unit charged for almost 18 hours which is recommended during first use, I almost got a back up of 45 minutes with 90% of the load, which is way beyond the claimed back up time by APC, that was amazing. On another day, I was just using my LED monitor(28w) and a modem of (15W), I got a back up of around 2.6 hours, this moment i felt its true value for money. The typical recharge time of the battery is 10+ hours when in offline mode.

APC BR1100CI-IN has got a good low audible beep when on battery which does not irritate you like Microtek.Good looking design and color.So far so good.! Additionally, BR1100 comes with 2 years repair or replace standard warranty, no need to carry your UPS and run around the service center, just give a call, the engineer will be at your door step for service. APCRBC113 is the Replacement Battery Part number for BR1100

The Fan noise of this unit is slightly noticeable when everything is quite.Apart from the noise its a perfect UPS for Home and Small Office usage.
I feel APC India is making a steady , stable and remarkable presence in the market.Discuss more about the post through the below comments section.

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  1. I bought the same UPS yesterday,but it's failed to start for the first use itself...There is no response from the UPS when pressing the power button.!!

    Is it needed to charge the battery before the first use...

  2. Hi, For this model, you need to open the battery case at the bottom and plug the Batter cable when using first time, the unit will not start until the battery connections are give.

    Its just a precautionary measure to preserve the battery.

    You can contact the APC customer care for assistance, they will guide you.

    Call 1800-4254-877/272 or from mobile phone dial (your city code) 390 222 72

    Please post your experience here!

  3. Thanks for your prompt answer for my query....

    I have tried that tip and succeeded...

    Now my UPS is working perfectly....Thanks once again....

  4. dear anonymous

    could you please detail the steps you took to open the battery case at the bottom and plug the Batter cable when using first time,
    which cable is to be plugged in ? the red one ?

  5. APC BR1100CI-IN Back-UPS battery connections

    how to make the connections ?

  6. What do you guys think bout the fan noise?
    Dont u think, its kinda irritating especially at night when we are downloading stuff....Its a constant hummm.

  7. the noise of br1100 is definitely irritating!
    and the unit is failing frequently!

  8. I am having the same UPS, It is perfectly working. I think they are the perfect choice to protect your data and keep you connected.
    APC back UPS

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  10. is this online or line intarctive?