Guide To Extract Jelly Bean FTF Files for Xperia

I required to extract Sony Xperia M  (C1904, C1905) FTF files to get the stock wallpapers and ringtone files, I decided to extract the FTF using the procedure listed here (which is for ICS), as Xperia M comes with Jelly Bean, the procedure is bit different here, so I write up this guide on how to easily extract the FTF files and see the contents of the file for Jelly Bean Version.

Files and Tools required for extracting.
1)     FTF File of your Xperia Device ( You can download from XDA Developers Forum)  
2)     7zip extract Software (Google it to download) – Install on your PC  
3)     Flash Tool, you can Download it from here - Install on your PC 
4)     EXT2read or ext4_unpacker Tool to extract the .ext4 files (Click Here to Download)

  • First place the FTF (device firmware file) in a folder and extract the file using the 7zip software.
  • Open the extracted folder and check if you have the system.sin file, check the size of the file, it should be a big file (but not 0kb file)
  • Open the Flash tool, Click on Tools----> Sin Editor
  • Browse the system.sin file from the extracted FTF folder
  • Click on Extract Data
  • Allow the Flash Tool to extract the data, it will take 3-4 Mins to extract the sin file, wait for the flash file to display the following line.
Extraction finished to C: \Downloads\Xperia\system.ext4 line, sample looks like below.

30/042/2013 14:42:18 - INFO  - <- initialized="" is="" level="" span="" successfully="" this="">
30/042/2013 14:42:18 - INFO  - Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
30/042/2013 14:42:26 - INFO  - Device disconnected
30/047/2013 14:47:44 - INFO  - Starting data extraction
30/047/2013 14:47:47 - INFO  - Generating empty container file
30/047/2013 14:47:47 - INFO  - File size : 1200 Mb
30/048/2013 14:48:22 - INFO  - Container generated. Now extracting data to container
30/050/2013 14:50:55 - INFO  - Extraction finished to C: \Downloads\Xperia\system.ext4

You should now see the system.ext4 file created in the FTF folder.

Now open ext2read tool and click folder icon,select system.ext4 file,select open and select the folder like (C:/) in the 1st White window and click floppy icon,now ext2read will save the system folder on C:

You should now be able to see the contents of the FTF file, the default location for wallpapers and ringtones of FTF file are as follows


Discuss more about the extraction of FTF files and the issues that
You encounter using the below comments section.

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  1. Hey.. I tried this TUT.. Didnt help.. Extracted SIN . TO EXT4 .. but ext2explore cannot read the file.. I AM GETTING THE ERROR :
    "Error Opening \\.\PhysicalDrive1. Error Code 2
    No of disks 1
    Scanning \\.\PhysicalDrive0
    index 0 ID 7 size 314368000
    index 1 ID 7 size 204800
    index 2 ID 7 size 167565312
    index 3 ID 7 size 494422016
    Partition Table Error on C:/Flashtool/firmwares/system-sign.ext4
    Invalid End of sector markerBad Super Block. The drive is not ext2 formatted."
    I downloaded file from .. Its the firmware of Xperia C