HP CUE Scanning Flow Component Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close

You might encounter HP CUE Scanning Flow Component Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close Error ,HP Cue scanning flow component problem or HP Cue scanning flow component Stopped Working errors while scanning from the HP Products in windows Vista and windows XP Operating systems.

The Error might also read as "HP cue scanning flow component problem" when trying to scan something. T0 resolve this error message all you need to is first execute the hpqdstcp.exe file in the C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin folder.

You are near in solving the error, just Follow This link and perform the steps carefully. the below screen give you a graphical ide on what you should change.


Click Start->Run
Type Regedit in run
In the registry window expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Softwares-Hewlett Packard-DigitalImaging

In the Right window search for ProfileWritePath and double click on it check the path.

it should read %APPDATA%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination

Change this to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination and click on ok, click the below screen for visual thought.

This would resolve the HP CUE Scanning Flow Component has encountered a problem issue and if the issue persists then completely uninstall and reinstall from lower version to higher version. also try installing the software on new account(create a new user account with administrative privileges from start--control panel-user accounts).

Hope the Above information Might Help some the other, use the comments section to discuss on the HP Cue scanning flow component Error

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  1. It helped to some extent!

  2. This a total load. Maybe HP ought to fix this problem BEFORE they put it on the store shelves. I mean, it's not like just a few computers have OS other than XP or Vista nowadays. I had similar problems several years back with an (H)orrible (P)iece of crap all-in-one unit. These guys really just suck at this kinda stuff. I'm returning this junk to the store.

  3. I realize software defects are common in commercial products but this one seems inexcusable. The software engineers at HP responsible for this should be punished in some way. I travel around the country giving presentations on software quality and I demonstrate this defect for my audiences. It would be funny if it wasn't running on my own computer and if it wasn't coming from a company I once respected.

  4. Error: “HP Cue Scanning Flow component has encountered a problem and needs to be closes”.

    OS: Windows XP.

    If you encounter this error message during the trouble shooting, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to registry.
    2. Go to HKEY_ Local_ Machine\Software\Hewlett-Packard\DigitalImaging\
    3. Click on the Digital Imaging Folder and in the Right Hand Side Pane and check if the String Value “ProfileWritePath” is present and Value is set to %APPDATA%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination
    4. If the Sting Value is not present right click and then click on new and then click on String Value Name it as “ProfileWritePath” and then right click on that and click on Modify and make sure that the value is set to “%APPDATA%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination” and close the registry editor.
    5. Then go to My computer C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HP\Digital Imaging\Data and check if the Destination folder is present. If not create a new folder and name it as “Destination”.
    6. If you are unable to locate the Application Data folder under All users, click on Tools and then click on Folder Option. In the Folder Options Window click on the View tab and under Hidden Files and Folders make sure that “Show Hidden Files and Folders” is checked and then click on Apply and then click on OK..
    7. Then Make sure that the same that the HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination folder is present under all user profiles Application Data folder.

  5. Then try to scan and you should be able to scan.

    Note: Please do not try to uninstall or reinstall the software. The moment you get the above error message, try following the steps given above and that should resolve the issue.

  6. I have the same problem on HP C6280 all-in-one. Above involves editing computer registry somehitng that is not recommended for an average user. I am hesitant to do it and mess up something else.

    Is there another way to handle it. Some kind of a patch that can be implemeted off a link similar to Kelly's Korner??

  7. I agree Shawn, i think there is no patch yet for the issue. you can check the hp website to make sure.

  8. how to fix error on windows vista, that is installed with another language, in my case PT-PT

  9. The procedure outline by Mahesh is almost identical to one be Steve at another web site.
    For a non-tech person like me it is quite risky to go into PC's registry and edit it. I am really afraid to do it.
    Can someone help with a link or some other way?
    HP technical people have sent me a long procedure but it does not appear to be the right fix.

  10. Shawn, I can suggest to completely uninstall(try removing hp folders from program files folder, if you don't have other hp products installed) and download the drivers for HP C6280 from hp website restart your pc and then resinatll from the downloaded file., this should help

  11. I have been on to HP numerous times in regard to this issue. They have come back with all kinds of wierd and wonderful solutions that just haven't cut the mustard. I have uninstalled and re-installed the programme from the disc and from the HP site; I have tried to run/execute numerous suggested files; I have tried stopping via the services.msc; inshort everything that they have "thunk" up in order to eradicate the problem to no avail. There is clearly an inherent problem with the HP CUE Scanning Flow Component in the latest models.

    As I have used a previous HP all-in-one that literally scanned libararies of documents without a single hiccup (aside from a slight problem with the feeder after 500,000 pages had been sucked through it), I was more than willing to give HP the benefit of the doubt. But, having reloaded (from disc and online) 30 times, I had come to the end of my tether. So, what did I do? In desparation, and I MEAN desparation, I reloaded the software and noted the time and date I did so. Low and behold, the very next day after literally scanning less than 10 documents up came the "Scottish Play" again. I then went START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > SYSTEM RESTORE and set a restore point prior to the corruption. Low and behold the PC restarted itself, I fed a document in, pressed SCAN and, believe it or not, the darn thing started working again!!!!?

    NOW... What's all that about? So, from trying all those long winded, time consuming, brain-draining exercises to find out a simple system restore can have the same effect as the laborious job of installing and uninstalling the software, I would like HP to honestly come forward and say they haven't got a clue how to sort the issue out and that it is a design fault in the component. PIGS MIGHT FLY!

  12. Based on highly values comments by Steve at another site, the problem is with an incorrect entry by HP software in the computer regisry. If you use a registry clearner softwarem, the incorrect entry is deleted and HP softwatr backfires when scanning.

    The fix is two ways: Do not use any kind of regsitry cleaners after you successfully uninstall and reinstall the software and test the scanner. Or, follow Steve's method and edit (fool) the registry to accept HP's incorrect entry as a legitimate information.

    I will try to do the first.

  13. I got around this problem by using a different user login. I tried all the tricks that HP Support told me to do without any success. I downloaded & installed the latest drivers/software from HP site too. The error just kept coming back.
    Finally things worked when I logged in as a different user. I guess problem was due to the presence of another imaging software present in the first user profile.

  14. Total bullshit. None of those "fixes" work. I will never ever buy anything from HP again. Junk.

  15. This is from HP and worked as stated. I permanently disabled the Tablet Service and added the lonk as a shortcut. I have no idea what this has to do with the Tablet PC other than I own one but it did work for me.

    I understand from your E-mail that you get an error message as "Hp cue-scanning flow component stopped working" on the display of the device.
    I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will certainly assist you in this regard. So, lets work together and resolve this issue.
    Solution Summary:
    Step 1: Refer the web page for 'hpqscnvw.exe has stopped responding'.
    Step 2: Install the patch.
    Step 1: Refer the web page for 'hpqscnvw.exe has stopped responding'.
    I would request you to perform the steps which are listed in the below web link.
    NOTE: Clicking the above link directly may give an error. I recommend you to copy Copy the complete URL starting from "http" till "lang=en" and paste it onto the address box of your browser, and then press Enter.
    Now, I would request you to check for the functionality of the All-in-One. If the issue persists, I would request you to perform the next step. If not avoid performing.
    Step 2: Install the patch.
    Mark, I would request you to down load and Install patch from the below web link.
    NOTE: Clicking the above link directly may give an error. I recommend you to copy Copy the complete URL starting from "http" till "58181-1" and paste it onto the address box of your browser, and then press Enter.
    Installation instructions:
    1. Click Download Now to download the file.
    2. Click Save to save to file to the computer.
    3. A Save As screen will appear requesting a destination folder for the saved file. From the Save in box, select Desktop from the pull down list, and then click Save.
    4. After the download is complete, the file will appear on the Windows Desktop with all of the other icons. Close all open programs and verify that the HP all-in-one is connected and turned on.
    Now, I would request you to check for the functionality of the All-in-One.
    I want to be sure the above troubleshooting steps resolved the issue. If the issue persists, please feel free to get back to me with observations and results.
    If you need any further assistance or if you have any questions then kindly mail back to me. We are available round the clock to assist you.
    It is our responsibility to serve our esteemed customers like you in the best possible way. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

  16. Had this problem with vista and a scanjet 5590. Rang HP, tried a few things, didn't work. They rang me back the next day and told me to uninstall everything, download and install the twain drivers for the 5590 only (http://tinyurl.com/6qxomh). Then install the hp software for the scanner G3110 (http://tinyurl.com/56pjpr). Worked perfectly. No problems at all now. It's an updated version of the solution centre software.

  17. I have an HP C5280 All in One. I HATE it. I am tired of uninstalling and installing.

  18. The only solution

    [1] Search for hpqscnvw.exe ["C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\]
    [2] copy and paste it to your desktop
    [3] Accept the futility of trying to get the HP Digital Imaging Monitor to work and breathe easy knowing you no longer have to try and find a proper solution.
    [4] Promise yourself you will never again open HP Digital Imaging Monitor and only use the desktop shortcut.

  19. Have same digital scanner problem with c7280 aio.
    I used windows to run my scanner and read the articles about registry error so re installed software and everything workes ok. So I ran my reg. cleaner and had registry first aid put the troubled entry in ignore list. Have had no problems since.

  20. I'm so mad at the company I once worked for. How can they put such crap on the market. How is an ordinary user supposed to fix this?
    Thanks to Mahesh Oberoi I've got it working again, but this is too silly for words. The arrogant HP company should be very ashamed and fix this problem right away.
    Bunch of fools...

  21. I had the same problem on a CM1312 MFP. I tried reinstalling, but it didn't help. Mahesh's solution seems to have worked well! Thanks a lot for posting this, Mahesh. HP's website was useless. Considering how common this problem is, you'd think that HP would offer a fix themselves.

  22. I will never buy a HP again....Ever....

  23. I have an All In One 6250 which we just installed less than a month ago. Upon scanning we got the infamous "HP Cue-Scanning flow component has stopped working". Fully confident that HP would not sell a bundled package where the HP Scanner would not work with the new Touchsmart running Vista, I spent 4 hours yesterday with a guy named Mohammed from India who said he had run across the problem multiple times but was never able to fix it. Nice enough guy, but when everything he tried failed we were mysteriously cut off and I never even received the courteousy of an "oops" e-mail. I'm going to try some of the above fixes but am perplexed and furious that I am the one to have to fix their product and that HP hasn't issued a service bulletin and patch. Caveat Emptor!

  24. My efforts to instal HP All in one 4288 ran into repeated blocks after 96% of it would complete. Five hours of telephonic help did not resove the issue. Scanning was still not possible and error messages quoted above kept appearing.Finally I learnt through my own efforts that Windows Vista has an integral scanning software.
    To scan just go to Start, Programs, Windows Photo Gallery, File, Import from scanner,Switch on your scanning device, click Import, select document or photo, select resolution and Scan.
    Good luck!

  25. Mine is J6280. I have the same problem.
    I followed Mahesh's advice and successfully make it work properly.
    It seems the "destination" folder hasn't been created successfully. Then scanning software cannot find a place to store files, and thus the problem.

  26. you know what's sad? i had similar problems with my old HP printer. i thought it was just too old or something, so i bought a new one and the same crap is happening. it's so frustrating because i know nothing about computers. i'm fed up with hp. i just want a printer that works - doh!

  27. I used to work for HP, too. Their printer division was the BEST. Now I also will never buy another HP printer. I have Windows XP and a new all-in-one j6450. The HP Cue-scanning flow error pops up all the time for me -- even when I am not trying to scan. Then eventually my computer just shuts itself down suddenly. It is soooo sad. I have an HP Laserjet 4 that I have had for over 20 years and it is perfect and still runs like a champ. Where did those engineers go? -Sigh-

  28. all you have to do is go to HP's website and download the driver from their website because the disk that comes with it does not work with Vista (both 32 bit and 64)

  29. i've also had this problem, and thanks to all previous commenters i at least didn't bother to call hp and get myself even more frustrated. this is utterly ridiculous. none of the fixes i've seen posted have worked for me, and i didn't bother trying a reinstall.

    FYI, though: if you have the full version of adobe acrobat, you can also scan from that (file: create pdf: from scanner).

  30. Scorpio said... My efforts to instal HP All in one 4288 ran into repeated blocks after 96% of it would complete. Five hours of telephonic help did not resove the issue. Scanning was still not possible and error messages quoted above kept appearing.Finally I learnt through my own efforts that Windows Vista has an integral scanning software.
    To scan just go to Start, Programs, Windows Photo Gallery, File, Import from scanner,Switch on your scanning device, click Import, select document or photo, select resolution and Scan.
    Good luck!

    Thanks! This works for me and is what I'm going with. Screw HP, swore to never own an HP pc again thanks to their "customer svc" taking over and wiping my hard drive, now I know never to buy another of their products period! Moronic help, lousy english, total waste of time calling them.

  31. I have an Officejet 6500 that's doing the same thing..I've already spent 5 hours on the phone with Canada trying to figure out a completely different problem...I've had it only two weeks, and need the thing to work...no patches for this? Shall I use the "Mahesh method" above? Seems like the universal fix...but it scares me! This is ridiculous, and I thinking of taking it back to the store...without the box!!

  32. I had this problem on my C7280 and thought that buying a new J6480 would solve it. Not so! BUT, I followed Mahesh Oberoi's instructions and now can scan. Thank you, Mahesh! The old String Value Name was "ProfilePath" and the Value was set to "$COMMON_APP_DATA_DIR$\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination". I just left the old String Value Name and Value in place and added the new String Value Name and Value as per instructions from Mahesh. I also added The new String Value Name and Value to the Ignore List in my registry cleaner so it wouldn't erase the new values when scanning the registry. SO far, it seems to work!

  33. My HP C4480 did not scan a document to my word processor application for text editing. Guided by the above I found my registry was entirely missing the ProfileWritePath in the HKEY path indicated above. I created this item and edited it as above and that solved the problem. I am really pleased as I am very much afraid of messing with the registry. But, it works. Yeah! and thanks.

  34. hp photoshit c4480.tried every thing, and nothing works for me.Never in my life will buy this shit again.CANON RULES

  35. I work w/ the printer buyer for a major retailer. You can bet I will be informing him of this travesty. hp will have some 'splainin' to do to keep their share.

  36. How the h*** can HP put a product with so many problems on the market????? I'm from Romania, and the price of an All-in-One is almost a full salary (which isn't enough for living...). And after months of economy, I manage to buy this product, which has this many software problems... It really... s***s.

  37. Hello. After reading all the comments here, I have one to add: The only way that I ever received this error was AFTER I did a windows update for Microsoft .net framework. The system (XP) works fine before that update and afterwards, I get this error situation. Had anyone else gotten the error after MS Updates? I don't think that the 2 programs play nicely with each other. This especially after .net framework 3.xxx It could be partially HP's fault and partially MS's fault. Just a thought that it may not be just blamed all on HP. By the way, I don't work for HP, just like their printers. I have a Photosmart AIO printer Model C5180

  38. The string was not in the HP Digital Imaging folder in my Registry so I added it. Everything works fine now.

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  40. I have this problem on a HP 2400 scanjet flatbed scanner and the fix which was explained doesn't work. I also have trouble with HP photo and imaging gallery.

  41. My Laptop is Dell Inspiron that runs on Vista. I have the same problem that reads - "HP CUE STATUS ROOT HAS STOPPED WORKING" I'm not a computer guy! Would somebody please give me a simple solution so I can scan on my HP Officejet 4315 ALL-in-One.

  42. I'm so ashamed I ever even worked for this company. The STILL did not fix this.

  43. Again the software stopped working on both my laptop and desktop. Previously I had used the solution of Mahesh Oberoi, but even that appears not to work anymore. So here I am stuck with a fine piece of hardware for which HP created this absolute terrible piece of software... And they refuse to come up with a decent fix!

  44. I have the stupid son of a b**ch C4480 and I have tried everything to get rid of the HP CUE Scanning Component??? Help before my window gets broken with the printer

  45. Thanks this worked for me (HPC5280)

  46. Mahesh - thank you! I am no expert but your solution above worked for me -hate anything to do with registry - if you have this problem, print out his instructions and follow them (really easily written and to follow). Thanks again. Ian

  47. Well hell...how many of us are capable of following Mahesh's instructions? I get around pretty well, but I'm not that deep. What do us non-tech rep idiots do?

  48. First, editing the registry is easy. People freaking out over it is unjustified paranoia. Anything in the HP registry key affects NOTHING BUT HP PRINTERS. Even if you screw it up, just uninstall and reinstall your printer driver and it is fixed.

    It matters not, as while searching for a solution I have found that 99% of users said this WAS NOT a fix for them.

    I figured out the problem on my own.

    First, some education for novices: A driver is a software program that KNOWS how to control and communication with your hardware (for example a printer). Installing the driver creates the access to your hardware for Windows.

    HP software screws up and installs MULTIPLE instances of the printer driver, sort of like having 3 Word documents open at the same time. Yet, only 1 driver instance connects to the physical printer. The other instances end up becomming dummy copies. If HP Solution Center happens to pick the wrong driver instance, there is NO printer to communicate with and you get this stupid error.

    The fix has a few steps, so be patient. It involvs using device manager, that in Microsoft's infinite wisdom does NOT work correctly without making a change. MORONS!

    Fixing device manger:

    1. Open the start menu and right-click My Computer
    2. From the context menu select "Properties", the System Properties dialog pops up
    3. Select the "Advanced" tab and click "Environment Variables"

    The environment variables window is split into two halves. You want the bottom half that is titled "System Variables"

    4. Click the "new" button to get the "New System Variable" dialog
    5. For Variable Name, enter everthing between the quotes exactly: "DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES"
    6. For Variable Value, enter: 1
    7. Click the OK button. You should now see the new variable in the list.
    8. Click OK to close the Environment Variables dialog
    9. Back in the System Properties dialog, select the "Hardware" tab and click the "Device Manager" button
    10. Click "View" in the menu bar and check the option "Show hidden devices"

    Now you can see every driver installed on your PC (even if the hardware is no longer there). Go through everything looking for instances of your printer driver.

    Example: I had one driver instance installed under the "multifunction adapters" group and 4 more instances installed under the "Printer" group.

    11. Right-click every instance you can find and select "uninstall" from the context menu.

    Now you can reinstall your printer driver software and there will be ONLY one instance of it, thus no chance that the HP solution center tries to communicate with a driver that's not even attached to a physical printer.

  49. I wrestled with HP problems for years with a 6200 series, installing and uninstalling software. When it died I stupidly bought a HP 4550 and came up with this problem. I tried the fix suggested by Ans above but I didn't have a 'ProfileWritePath' so i modified 'ProfilePath' and that didn't work so I changed it back then I blew up the screen image above and realized that i was missing the 'ProfileWritePath' entry and so I made one and my scanner started working. I then found the comment from Mahesh above and even though the scanner now works I checked for a 'Destination' folder as he suggests and didn't find one so I created one of those also.

    I also see that I'm missing the 'SourceDir' line that is shown in the image above but I'm not sure what to do about that yet.

  50. First I'd like to say thanks to everyone contributing above. My recently purcheased HP Officejet 6500 is sat next to me gleaming and looking good, but as much use as a chocolate teapot as it can't scan (above refers).
    With trepedation (and after having tried to use the utterly useless HP help system) I tried to follow the above but only got as far in the Registry as ProfileWritePath, ie there wasn't one, only a ProfilePath, and that read: $COMMON_APP_DATA_DIR$\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination not the same as above.
    Anyone any suggestions?
    A curse on the first born of the HP executive in charge of quality control, yes another highly paid blagger who doesn't actually function usefully - maybe she or he has come from the financial sector perhaps?

  51. HP CUE Scan Flow Component has Encountered A Problem

    The following worked for me. thankfully.

    Solution 1:
    Go into "Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services"
    Stop "HP Cue Device Discovery" service
    Stop "HP Network Devices Support" service
    Stop "hpqcsx08" service

    Solution 2: (It worked)
    Click on Start>Run>regedit.
    - create a new key (String Value); name it ProfileWritePath
    - set the value of this new key to
    %APPDATA%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination.

    Restart the computer & try to Scan.
    If the issue is still not resolved do an uninstall_l3 and reinstall the printer driver.

  52. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Sorry for the the rough French language, but...
    Someone at HP needs to shot for this.
    Mahesh Oberoi's solution up top did the fix for me, but WHAT THE FRIK ???
    What are we ?? Do we have to be IT experts over here now to get a product I bought to work properly ??
    The software used to work fine and then all of a sudden - CAPUT !!!
    Had to go through all this hassle to get things to work again.
    Furthermore the HP Officejet 6500 E709n Series software and drivers just PLAIN SUCK !!!
    The application "Solution Center" is anything but !!!
    e.g. The scanning functions are extremely slow and archaic. Furthermore there is very little flexibility and pick menus to work with the scans so as to diminish the size of the files. I have to use 3rd applications to convert the files after the fact of being scanned.
    GET REAL HP !!!!!
    YOU GUYS SUCK !!!!

  53. After spending 4 hours installing uninstalling and editing registry values and creating another user and installing I found the easiest fix.
    I put it back in the box and RETURNED it.
    Bought myself another brand with great customer service ink at 1/2 the price. It may not have the looks but it worked great first install with no problems and a great warranty.
    Thanks HP for making my next choice easier

  54. I had the HP6400 with the Cue problem and spent over 24 hours on the phone with their technicians. Finally they sent me another 6400 and I had the same problem. Several techs tried the Mahesh solution (above) so it is well know to them, but nothing worked. Now they sent me a new 6400 E709n series. Everything works on it..except the Scan. I checked out Mahesh's points and found the correct path in the Registry, and the Destination fold in all but the AllUser. I added it there, but I still get the Cue error.
    Any other ideas?

  55. I had similar problems, and spent hours in on-line chats with HP people. Eventually they suggested downloading something they described as version 14 software- http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software11/COL29699/mp-73652-3/PS_AIO_06_C309g-m_USW_Full_Win_enu_140_175.exe

    Amazingly, this worked, at least well enough for me to be able to print, scan and copy again


  56. excellent and detailed explanation, thanks for you help.
    Derick Ramos, Puerto Rico

  57. I have had a HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One for 3 years and in all that time it worked without the following error coming up when turning on the computer for the first time. It only occurred when I purchase a HP Officejet Pro K8600 and when rebooting the computer after completing the install I get the error twice on final boot up:- HP CUE Scanning Component has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    I have tried every combination of re-install and nothing works. The only way to get rid of the error message(s) is to remove the software for both printers and run them with the smaller driver software which can be downloaded from HP.
    I now live with the error as when I delete them on final boot up of the omputer my scanner on the C8180 continues to work and there is no problem with the printing of the K8600.
    The messages are just an irritation and like many of the comments above, HP should have sorted the problem years ago. My Photosmart C8180 can be connected to the network by ethernet or wireless connection so will try this approach next and leave the K8600 with a USB connection.
    From annoyed of Oxford

  58. Thank God!!!! Finally a solution that at least lets me scan. I still can only get scans as PDFs for some reason - I'm diving into the HP settings and tools now - but at least my HP P.O.S. computer sees the HP P.O.S. scanner now. Way to leave your (former) customers hanging HP.

    Major thanks to the poster of the RegEdit work-around. To those who are a little nervous about doing it, follow the instructions step by step to the letter and you'll be fine.

  59. Sanner still not working!!!

    But special thanks to the HP Palo Alto executive office customer service people (Aiden and Tina) who spent more time on the phone telling me why HP was not responsible for their Windows products than it would have taken to get someone to fix an onvuiously fixable software problem.

    Also, thank you Microsoft, for such needlessly poor integration with your OEM customers, and for disabling their products with your valuable updates.

    Mark Jansen
    Los Gatos. California

  60. Click Start->Run
    Type Regedit in run
    In the registry window expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Softwares-Hewlett Packard-DigitalImaging

    In the Right window search for ProfileWritePath and double click on it check the path.

    it should read %APPDATA%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination

    Change this to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\HP\Digital Imaging\Data\Destination and click on ok.

    This really solved the issue for me on HP DeskJet 4200 series. ;-)

  61. I've spent 4 hours tonight trying to get my scan to work only to find from this string of comments that I'm working with a POS. I'm so frustrated. I can say this, NEVER will I buy another HP printer. They should not have done this without eventually developing a reasonable autoupdate patch.

  62. FYI- I got this error to go away by installing a Microsoft .NET framework update from Windows Updates (as suggested by another commenter above).
    I have an HP scanjet 3970 and would only get this error when I pushed one of the buttons on my scanner. ("HP CUE-Scanning Flow Component has encountered a problem...AppName: hpqkygrp.exe...ModName:mfc42.dll).

  63. The problem with this "solution" is that it makes no sense. %ALLUSERSPROFILE% points to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users", not the Application Data directory referenced from that. Much like the other associated keys it should reference $COMMON_APP_DATA_DIR$.

    What it ACTUALLY appears is this is an intermittent copying issue. If you delve, you'll find that even when failing the image is scanned and saved in a newly-created [USERNAME]/Local Settings/Temp/HPQKYGRP_0000xxxx directory. The error occurs on copying of the file. If it's pressing, you can at least find a copy of the image there for some value.

  64. I did just as Mahesh suggested above and mad the changes in the registry file and it worked perfectly. Thanks

  65. I will not wonder if these stuffs and comments exist about HP. HP Printers as far as I've noticed no offense with the product, usually always fail! Issues like these about HP are very common.

  66. Talk about a piece of fucking shit! This is beginning to happen all the time!!!

  67. Oh yes indeed - the advice from Oct 2008 from Mahesh is still the only thing that actually works - three-and-a-half years later! It's fairly straightforward - even for people like me who are nervous about the registry. Thanks Mahesh!

  68. I have had my HP all-in-one for several years and have never had a problem with it until today. I think I will just give up and go buy a different product. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried everything that has been suggested but still no avail. I am done with HP products.

  69. I am interested in reading about more of the similar topics and would like to have further information on the same subject. Hope to see the next blog soon. Thanks.