HP Printer Install On Windows 7 - Easy Way!

If you are Encountering problems while trying to install your HP printer on Windows 7, there is a easy way to get the Printer Installed, just follow the below post. HP is offering HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows 7 which is quick and easy tool

HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows 7 was created to help HP product users to download the latest and most appropriate HP software solution for their HP Printers. In addition, HP Printer Install Wizard includes enhanced driver verification, test print and test scan functionality, and support for networked printers.

Following are the steps to download the HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows 7

To download and run the Wizard:
1. Click the Download button.
2. Click the Save button and save the wizard to your computer Desktop.
3. Locate the Wizard icon on your desktop with the title "hppiw.exe" and double click it to run the Wizard.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to use the Wizard.

Ensure that you run this wizard on Windows 7 PC, HP Printer Install Wizard will only support and run on Windows 7 Operating system, running on any other versions will give the below error.

A Quick Link to Find Find Windows 7 Drivers for HP Printers Products

HP Answers

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