Unable to start the application-the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered. When installing HP scanners HP printers HP Softwares

You might encounter an error Unable to start the application-the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered. while installing the any of the HP products, like HP printers, HP scanjet scanners, or any of the HP softwares.

"Unable to start the application-the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered" could also occur when you are in the middle of the installation of the HP softwares or at the beginning of the installation, this error will not let you complete the installation, the only option you will have is to click on ok, which would terminate the installation process. this error mainly encounter with various HP scanjets products and HP All-in-one products.

You might encounter this error on both windows Vista and windows XP operating systems

Check out the detailed solution to resolve the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered when installing hp scanjet scanner software and other HP softwares
Here We Go.....

Note: Do Not Restart the Computer while performing the steps below.

I would like to inform you that, this Java Virtual Machine software is related to operating system. It is one of the utility related to operating system and is used by many of the software's during installation. If this Java Virtual Machine software is not installed on computer or if its installed incorrectly or if it is not the latest version, or if there are conflicts between the version of the java software then you will encounter the Error


Click start---->control panel---->Add/Remove programs

Windows Vista:

Go to Go to programs and features in the Control Panel

Check for the following programs. 'J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6' If you find anything with this name, then disconnect the HP products(scanners, printers) from the computer (if already connected) and Uninstall both the Java as well as scanner(connected product) softwares from Add/Remove Programs with out restarting the computer.

Once the uninstallation is completed: Download and Install the Java software manually by running setup.exe (msjavax86.exe). Below weblink is common for both windows vista and XP.

Click Here To Download the msjavax86.exe (msjavax86.exe)

NOTE: Clicking the link will start the download of msjavx86.exe

Please follow the web link and select the "Save" or "download only" option and save the file into your computer desktop or " drive C:" and install the file by double clicking the file after downloading

Steps to install the Java Microsoft Virtual Machine:

1. Download the file using the links above and save it to your hard drive (msjavax86.exe) or msjavx86.exe

2. Once the file is on your hard drive, execute it and thus load the Virtual Machine.

3. As the file begins execution, answer Yes to the License Agreement question.

Note : Please do not Restart the computer after installing JVM. You can select Restart Later. Once the JVM is installed, Check for the Microsoft VM option in Internet options and ensure all the 3 options below are enabled.

Once the installation is completed:

Follow the steps below to disable the script debugging.

Step 1:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.

3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Uncheck the option "disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)" & "Disable Script debugging (Other)"
5. Uncheck the option "Display a notification about every script error".
6. Click on Apply and click OK.

Step 2:

Then Check for Microsoft VM listed in Internet options >> Advanced Tab.

You will find three options under "Microsoft VM" option.

1. Java console enabled (requires restart)

2. Java logging enabled

3. JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled (requires restart)

Check all the above options and Click on Apply and click OK.

Once you have successfully installed the Java Software performed the above steps, make sure the scanner(HP product) is disconnected from the computer and re-install the scanner software. Connect the scanner(Hp product) to one of USB ports on the back side of the computer when you are prompted to connect/once the installation is completed and try to scan.

Sometimes after resolving the JVM error message, you may get Communication error messages and if so try giving the "Communication Patch" or Run "hpqdstcp.exe" file depending on the computer manufacturer, this should resolve the issue.(only for Hp products) Here is the weblink to download the patch

Restart your computer, you should be able to install your HP product without the error "Unable to start the application-the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered.
The above solution is more specific for HP scanjet scanners and other HP products and softwares

I hope the above information helps you..Leave a comment , if you need more help.



  1. Those instructions worked for me. I simply reinstalled (and simultaneously reconnected) my HP 5550 Deskjet printer after making the changes suggested, but before rebooting and I did not get the error.

  2. You saved my life, I was experiencing the same issue with my scanner.The solution worked perfectly.Thanks a million

  3. hey man cool. it worked for me thanks lot

  4. I am having the same problem and was so grateful to find your blog, but THE LINK DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE :(((
    Any alternatives?

  5. Hello Shoe, I rechecked the links they are working fine, post your e-mail, so that I can help you further

  6. Greetings,

    After being underwhelmed by the Vista experience, I decided to completely wipe & reload the XP home system. After patching the system up to current (Mar '08) specification {including IE7}, I discovered that the HP OfficeJet G85 would print, but wouldn't scan.

    This is the 3rd evening after work that I've worked on this, and even on the HP website I was disappointed that all they offered were pointers to the Sun Java website...which didn't work, of course.!

    THANKS TO YOU I made it past the "Unable to Start the application - Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded" error.

    However, I wasn't completely out of the woods yet -- it now complained about a bad memory reference blah blah blah. The fix for this was to click on the "HP OfficeJet g series" icon, and under Properties set the Compatibility Mode for Windows 98.

    Sincere thanks for you taking the time to post the fix for the Java Virtual Machine error message...and if anyone else gets to this point, I hope the Win98 Compatibility Mode hint helps you out also.

    Cheers --


  7. Following the instructions allowed me to load the software for my HP ScanJet 5500C. However, when i click on the hpdirector icon nothing happens

  8. Hello,

    Good that you have come through the java error ,now check out the below weblink to open the hp director.

    Unable to Open HP Director

  9. Hi,
    I have the same problem like everybody else, I've followed your instructions and didn't get an error anymore. However, the HP director doesn't load. I've checked your link for that, but I have I.E. version 6.
    Any ideas for that?
    After talking to HP and checking their website without success finally some help here.Thank you so much! It is greatly appreciated!

  10. I recommend you to upgrade your software..without uninstalling the current version.

  11. Venson,
    thanks so much for your quick response!
    I'm on a slow dial up connection so I want to make sure I understood you correctly:
    I should keep I.E. version 6 and download the upgrade to Photosmart remier 7?
    My printer is an Officejet K80 and after installing the software, I got only "HP PhotoSmart"
    "HP Share-to-web", and
    "Hp >OfficeJet K80 Series> ReadMe"
    Thanks again so much for your help !

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  13. Do you have the gmail id..so that we can interact there..thanks

  14. It was really great post, followed the instructions to the core, and got all I could hope for..3 cheers for you...Great work..

  15. still unable to install completion .. using a hp officejet k60. it give me same error and i have followed your instructions (which seems to be the same as HP tech support) but with no success... please help.

  16. I'm having the same problem except I'm reinstalling the software in a laptop to access a wireless networked printer. I've followed the directions but it still will not print.

    Should I disconnect the printer from primary computer?


  17. Thank you, I had the same problem like everybody else, I've followed your instructions and didn't get the error, but same installation results.

    My printer is an Officejet K60 and after installing the software, I got only

    "HP PhotoSmart"
    "HP Share-to-web", and
    "Hp >OfficeJet K Series> ReadMe"

    This is the same as with the error message. The printer doesn't show and no director found.

    Any suggestions?

  18. Did you try downloading the software from hp website for your product and then installed? if not i recommend to try that, check the below link.

    HP Officejet k60 All-in-One Printer series Driver Download

  19. I used the CD HP OfficeJet K Series Software for the K60 Version 3.10 for Windows XP that I ordered some time ago when I bought a new computer.

    I'll uninstall and download the HP Officejet k60 All-in-One Printer series Driver Download as you mentioned.

    I'll let u know.

  20. I downloaded the HP Officejet k60 All-in-One Printer series Driver Download as you suggested.

    No change, still"Hp >OfficeJet K Series> ReadMe"

    I am using Internet Explorer 8, would this make a difference?

    I notice on HP website that Port Setting should use option "Use any interrupt assigned to port" and "Enable legacy Plug and Play detection". So I did that. Originally it was on "Never use an interrupt".

    Printer still is not recognized. I can add printer to make it work, but I do not get the director. I really need the director for faxing and scanning.

    If I can't resolved this, I'm off to get a new printer..too much time spent on this. I should never have unistalled the program. HP said to uninstall to fix scanning issue. Oh, before I uninstalled the program, I did go into printers and delete the printer there before uninstalling, could this have cause a problem?

  21. I'm trying to install a fairly old (but still working) scanner (scanjet 2300c) on a newer computer (running xp). I was getting the JVM error, which your walkthrough fixed (thanks!) but when I go to start the scanner by pressing the one-touch button on the front, I get:
    "An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. Please ensure that the scanning device is connected properly and try again".
    I know I have it plugged in properly and connected to a working USB port, but I keep getting that error. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  22. are you able to scan through the hp software?

  23. I am trying to connect an hp scanjet 5500c to my inspiron 1525, which has windows vista. I did your msjavax86.exe and that made the installation work but now I am getting a message that says the system cannot locate the object specified. url:file:///c:program%20Files/hewlett-packard/digital%20Imaging/bbfe/director/js/bldmenu.js
    How do I resolve this?

  24. Correction: Regarding the previous message, the error now says object required with the same url...

  25. thank u very much for this solution.
    i had installed a software which not running but after i followed these steps it working fine.


  26. This worked well....until I tried using the HP Office Jet G55 and got the error "Cannot open the HP Office Jet Director", "Try uninstalling and re-installing software.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you,
    Rich Wright

  27. Trying to install Officejet g55 on XP.

    Followed instructions above, ans all complaints went away; however, at the very end of the install, after reboot and devices all are recognized and it says finished or whatever, I get the following...

    Commit failed

    I haven't got a clue what this means?

    Any ideas?

    Further, the printer works fine. HP Director, although it loads OK, won't actually launch a scan or anything else fir that matter. I don't even know if this relates to the commit error or not.

    Thanks for your help!

  28. jima@

    is that when clicking on hp director nothing happens, or could you please let me know what exactly happens when you click on hp director..


  29. Where do you live? I want to kiss you. I wiped my mom's hard drive because somehow she'd turned it into a big mess. She doesn't like her newer and crappier Epson all-in-one, so I re-installed her ancient but reliable hp psc 750. I ran into this terrible error, but with your instructions I FINALLY got it to work. THANK YOU.

  30. Thanks a lot for the post. I had a similar problem uninstalling Matlab products from my D drive. I had recently reintalled Windows XP on my C drive. After the reinstall, a license error required me to reinstall Matlab. Before that, the old Matlab installation had to be removed. The uninstall.exe was giving the above error message. After following the above instructions, it's now resolved.

  31. This solution worked. Thank you.

  32. you have a nice site. thanks for sharing this site. there are various kinds of ebooks are available here


  33. Hello,

    I wanted to let everyone know outthere that I am installing the sdk from ti for my voyage200. I ran into the java vm error and did this to fix it!!! I am using a windows xp home edition v. 2002 sp3 computer. Much, MUch Much thanks to the tp for his time and accuracy with this fix!!!!!! Thanks Dude!


  34. Thank you Thank you! I did still have to go to HP and download a newer version of software (my CD still didn't work) but, with your help I'm all good to go now! PS After success, should we go back to the advanced tab and undo the settings changes that we made to the Virtual machine?

  35. Anonymous@ december 29

    not necessary..just leave it..

  36. Thank you, you've been most generous to share your expert knowledge so freely!

  37. Hi,

    I am facing the same error message in my Vista Home Premium. I want to run an XP program called 'TradeAnywhere'. I installed Java 6 version 18. I tried the same procedure mentioned above. But I couldn't locate the Microsoft VM in Internet Options. I am still at see that what steps should I take to get rid of the error message.

  38. Greetings,
    While trying to load the software of my old HPdeskjet5550 on my newer Toshiba laptop with Vista Home, I encountered the "Unable to start..." message. I thought it had something to do with the fact that I could not open the Properties Menu of the printer to adjust settings, otherwise the printer would print.
    I followed all the instructions listed and indeed the "Unable to Start.." message disappeared. But it didn't help with being able to open the Properties Menu for the 5550 and now there is a new pop up when I click on some of my email: Web Page Debug: Yes or No. Can you comment on these issues please.

  39. Thanks this post was really helpful. My printer works just perfect now.

  40. Thank you so much for this post. I was installing my old hp psc 950 on a newer machine and got this exact error message. Your post talked me through a quick fix. I appreciate you!

  41. Are there any drivers available for HP scanjet 4570c with Windows 7 ?

    Anyone out there who can give me some advise?

  42. hey there
    I'm dealing with the same problem....i tried reinstalling JVM but still getting the same error
    my printer is hp2261scanjet and my OS is windows 7
    Any help would be appreciated

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  44. i m using a hp scanjet 2300c i follow this stapes it dosent give me jvm error but after installation when i try to open hp director it dosent give any response

  45. I,m having the same problem with VM. I clicked on the suggested link and it took me to Alibre,Ink with the message Opps, we can't find that page. Also at Start-Control pannel-Add/remove programs I have Java (TM) 6 update 21 size 90.95 MB. What should I do with this ?

  46. "Scanning Error: Scanner cannot connect to PC" I recently installed my old OfficeJet G85 on my HP Pavillion m7250n desktop with OS WinXP. When the XP installation CD from HP would not install, I found instructions on HPanswers.com post 12/4/07 for error: "Unable to start application - the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded" and finally got the installation to complete by loading old MSJAVX86.exe virtual machine after uninstalling Sun Java 6 latest update 23. I also updated the MS java machine Everything works OK now except I cannot initiate a scan from the front panel of the G85. I get Scanning Error: Scanner cannot connect to PC. The cable I am using is new 2.1 USB with gold connectors, and it is installed correctly. I can scan through the Director and fax from the the Director or the front panel, so the cable is obviously not faulty. I downloaded and ran HP Printer Diagnostic Utility and it said all features were working OK. However, when I downloaded and ran HP Scan Diagnostic Utility, it said "No scanner installed". I have also run the "communication patchCOL10862.exe and it made no difference. I found another reference suggesting I locate and run hpqdstcp.exe from C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin but I only have hpqdstcp without the .exe on my computer and double clicking it seems to make no difference either. Does anyone have a clue as to what could be going on here?

    Thanks, Nia

  47. I have a HP 750 PSC w/XP. XP doesn't run vm, but Sun Java, so I don't get the 3 options you list. I redid everything, and still get the same error "Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded." I don't print often, but know that I used it in October. What changed? Please help.

  48. links don't work anymore.

  49. I kept getting errors when scanning on my hp psc 950 so I decided to uninstall and re-install the software... Who knew this would be such a nightmare? Now I'm getting the same error message that a lot of you have with VM and I've tried following the steps that Ans posted, however; step 2 isn't an option with my IE. And then the instructions say to download the scanner software. I don't have "just" the scanner software but a whole suite of software that downloads. What do I do?

  50. simply install hp update found on following link

  51. Hey, the link for msjavax86.exe doesn't work

  52. I am trying to install hp officejet d145.

    my computer completely crashed about a month ago and I have never been able to get it going since. I have done everything possible like you side with the same error message: "Jave Virtual Machine cannot be loaded - Class not registered"
    Please help me

  53. I have been trying to resolve my HP OfficeJet G85 Scanner error message for more than 2 years. I thought I finally found the answer after reading your post and every comment thoroughly. I got all the way to the point of installing the file "msjavax86.exe", and got a message saying "the setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft VM". When I hit 'OK' it says installation complete but when looking for the 3 options in Internet Explorer, they are not to be found. I tried re-installing the latest MVM software to no avail.

    Please, please help. I have been trying for so long I'm about to blow up this printer.


  54. Hello,
    The link for MS java no longer works...Is this thread still open?


  55. This is one of the new and advance post.I learn some good application from your post.Nice information.

  56. I have had the same problem with HP software for years now. Sometimes it worked OK sometimes HP Director went on strike for no apparent reason. I believe HP is not very strong on software side.
    As for the above instructions; well they do not work because the indicated links do not exist any more due to a spat between Microsoft and Sun. So we all are well stuck with HP software bugs.

  57. I don't see the "J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6" in the add/remove programs, instead, I see the "Java 6 update 33", should I remove this? Please help. Thanks a lot!!!!

  58. Hi, please go to the java website and click on java download, do the online installation/upgrade of your current java version. this will solve the issue.

  59. I have been trying to install the full feature software and driver I downloaded from the HP web site. Because of this error, the scanner doesn't install properly. I can use it from Photo & Imaging, but the scan icon doesn't appear in the HP Director. I have Java 7 (the latest), just installed and it didn't fix the problem. I also unchecked the boxes recommended by this blog in IE. Still the same error. I even went back to IE 6. What more can I do?

  60. P.S. I have Windows XP Pro. The printer is HP PSC 2110V all-in-one.

  61. Am using XP Professional w/sp 3. I’m I get “Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded” error when trying to load scanner software and also get “communication error” when trying to use scanner.
    I’m unable to find good working copy of older “msjavax86.exe” software. Have currently removed scanner software and Java software (Java 7, Update 10) from computer plus have unchecked the 3 “script options” from Internet Explorer. Computer had to be rebooted last night with above configuration due to power outage on island where I live.
    Need help in direction to go from here to get scanner working again

  62. It is owe some, worked like a charm!

    Appreciate you! i have gone through few blogs which couldn't give me any solution.


  63. wow, it worked like a charm.