HP Print and Scan Doctor 4.4 Supports Windows 8.1

HP Released Print and Scan Doctor Version 4.4 (HPPSdr.exe), which adds Support for Windows 8.1. This Improved and updated version is now available for Download at HP site. Quickly, HP Print and Scan tool is a very good utility to fix Commons problems  for your HP Printers and  scanners,including the connectivity errors between your HP products and your PC and laptops , check out my earlier post on three useful HP Tools.


If you are using a HP Diagnostic Utility, i recommend to download HP Print and Scan doctor (4.4) as this is a complete replacement of HP Diagnostic Utility for Printer and scanners as quoted below from HP.
The HP Print and Scan Doctor completely replaces the HP Print Diagnostic Utility, the HP Network Diagnostic Utility, and the HP Scan Diagnostic Utility by packaging all functionality previously available in those utilities into one easy-to-use diagnostic and troubleshooting tool.

 This New version supports almost all versions of Windows Operating Systems except Windows RT for ARM processor Based computers.Check Here for Complete guide on HP Print and Scan doctor Utility

Check the Below video on How to Download and Install HP Print and Scan Doctor in Windows7

Let us know how useful this tool is using the below comments section.

HP Answers


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  2. In fixing the printer, the Printer Doctor *wrongly* empties the printer queue but the printer icon (windows 8.1) says - as it should - that 5 docs are pending. YES. And now that the printer is working, I'd like to print them. I remember what some of them are, but why do I have to open them and request a print again? I've tried using Windows Explorer to find where these printer-ready documents are but didn't succeed. WHERE ARE THEY? And why is it so hard for the Doctor coders to SAVE the print queue and then restore it so that those docs print? If the OLDEST doc caused the problem, then save it separately and provide a message saying "[name of oldest doc] caused an error in printing. If you want to print it, try again." Thanks.

  3. The moderator permits this add for gear oil but rejects a comment about defects in the Printer Doctor when used for the P1006. Curious. The comment, in brief is that the Doctor obliterates the print queue is obliterated instead of saving it and restoring it minus the document that had the error once the printer is reset to work. Is that really impossible to code?