Sharing Printer between XP- and Windows Vista-Pc

The other day, I tried to share a printer which is installed on XP PC to vista laptop, earlier I was bit confused after some desperate tries I resulted in sucessful sharing of my printer from desktop(XP) to laptop(vista).

How I did that? Please check the below steps to share the printer from windows xp to vista

Windows XP:

Please follow the below steps from the Windows XP computer to which the printer is connected directly.

Click Start >Right-click on My Computer (Host Computer).Select Properties.Here you can find the 'Computer name' tab.(lets say computer name as "mypc")
Note this Full Computer Name here.

Windows XP:

After the steps are done, follow the below steps from the same Windows XP computer to which the printer is connected:

1. Click Start, Control Panel, then Printers and Faxes.
2. Right-click your printer icon, then select the Sharing option from the list.
3. Click on Sharing tab and enter a share name such as, print1(remember this name)
4. Click on OK.
The printer is now shared as print1.

Steps to be performed to share the printer from the client Windows Vista computer:

Click Start and click Control Panel.

Click Hardware and Sound then Printers.

Click Add a printer. This launches the Add Printer Wizard.

Choose Add a local printer. Click on Create a new port. The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that. Click Next.

A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name.

Type in the \\FullComputername\SharedPrintername

ex: \\mypc\print1

Click Next.

Under the Manufacturers list, select your manufacturer.

Under the Printers list, select the model no of the printer and click Next.

Under Do you want to use this printer as the default printer? select "Yes" and click Next.

When asked to print a test page, select "Yes", then Finish.

You are done.

This will allow you to share a printer which is instaled on a windows xp pc to windows viosta laptop or desktop

Hope the above information helps you in sharing the printer.


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