HP Deskjet 6980 Wireless Installation and Wireless Setup

HP Deskjet 6980 Wireless Installation and Wireless Setup In windows Vista and XP

NOTE: HP Deskjet 6900 series printers include 6940, 6943, 6980, and 6983 printers.
Follow the Steps to Install DeskJet 6980 printer in Wireless.

Connect the printer to router or switch temporarily With ethernet cable and press on check mark button to print a configuration page.Once the page gets printed, please take the IP address from the printed page and ping it from computer.

To ping, open command prompt and type ping IP address then press enter.

It will give the results of Sent, Received, and Lost. Please make sure that it pinging fine.

*****If it is pinging fine follow the below steps to install the printer.

1. Click on the Start menu, move the mouse to the Settings item and onto Printers and Faxes. Release the mouse button.

2. (Or Please click Start >>> Control Panel >>> Printers and other Hardware >>> Printers and Faxes)

3. Double click the Add Printer icon.

4. Click on Next> on the Welcome Dialogue.

5. Select Local Printer and uncheck Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer. Click on the Next Button.

6. Click on the Create a new port radio button and select Standard TCP/IP Port from the drop-down menu. Click on Next>.

7. On the Welcome to the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard, click on Next>.

8. Type IP address in the text box labelled Printer Name or IP Address: It will be duplicated on the Port Name: text box. Click on Next>.

9. Depending on the type of printer you are setting up, you may be asked to select the appropriate Device Type. When you have done this and click on Next>.

10. Click Have Disk.

11. The "Install From Disk" dialog box appears. Click Browse.

12. Note: Ensure that the printer driver CD is currently inserted in the CD drive of your computer.

13. In the Browse dialog box, under Lookin drop down menu, select your CD drive.

14. In the box below, you can see ENU folder. Double-click ENU folder.

15. Now, double-click Drivers folder.

16. Double-click win2k_xp folder.

17. The hpfund09.inf file will be listed. Select it and click Ok.

18. Give the printer a name. Click on Next>.

19. Select Do not share this printer. Click on Next>.

20. 18. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the printer and Select Yes to print a test page. Click on Next>.

21. Click on Finish.

Once the installation is completed, perform the below steps to run the wireless wizard.

Please open an Internet Explorer window.

Type the IP address in the Address bar and press Enter:

The printer information page should be opened.

Click on Networking tab.

Click on 802.11 at the left side. Then click on Wireless setup tab.

Click on Start Wizard->click Next->Finish. NOTE: If it asks for WEP key, please give the WEP key (Router Security/Encryption Key) to complete the installation.

Disconnect the ethernet cable from the router and try printing.

*****If the IP address is not pinging from the computer try to reset the printer IP address using below steps..

Factory Reset:

1.Verify that the printer is on and idle. 2.Press and hold down the Report Page button. 3.While holding down the Report Page button, press the Cancel(X) button three times. 4.Release the Report Page button.

Now print a configuration page and ping it.

If it pings then continue with the installation, if it still does not ping..

Follow the below steps to route add the IP address..

Open the Command promopt window and type..

route add <> <> -t and press enter.

Then try pinging and continue with installation process.

I Hope You will be able to print in wireless mode with the 6980 printer.



  1. thanks, really helped me

  2. i tried this but it still didnt work. my laptop is vista. I need help so bad...

  3. I was able to get this to work, but my router gave the printer a new router number when I unplugged the ethernet and went wireless. If you can't find the printer right after disconnecting the cable, press the checkmark button to get a configuration page again. Don't be surprised if the ip address is now a higher number.

    Then, open up printer properties, go to Port, Configure Port. Change the Printer Name or IP Address to match the configuration which just printed out.

  4. Thanks for the tips,

    Really worked out well first time round.

    One extra twist I added was to use a fixed IP address in the printer config (within the allowed range on the DHCP allocation pool on the Router I was using).

    That way I could be certain there would be no DHCP issues between the printer IP Port and the IP lease. Also allowed me to setup a favorite shortcut to the printer config page!

    Thanks again

  5. I like this post as it is really heplful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've been struggling to install this printer for about a month and just gave up. And then I found this site and it was fixed within 5 minutes. Thanks a lot.

  7. Question from a Granny: I've had my Deskjet 6980 wired to an old Gateway XP desktop, and sharing a laptop with the printer. Now that I have a new laptop with Windows 7 64 bit, I'd like to hook it up directly to the HP via wireless so that I don't have to have the desktop turned on in order to print. If I follow the HP directions to use my computer's driver to print from the desktop, can I set it up wirelessly and still have the desktop hooked up via USB? Suggestions on how to do this without messing the whole thing up would be appreciated. (I recall what a pain it was to set it up this way in the first place.)
    Oh, by the way, I have Qwest DSL service hooked by ethernet to my router and desktop, and the laptop operates via WEP wireless.

  8. Oh yes - forgot to mention that, since I use my laptop now wirelessly, I do not have any HP driver or software on it. I understand that I'll just use the MS driver on it, but don't want to set that up until I'm certain I'll be able to switch over to operating this totally separately via my router and HP's Deskjet.

  9. My wireless router is in a different room so I can't connect printer to router using ethernet cable. How do I get the ip address?

  10. Take your printer to the other room! Really!

  11. I also need the answer to Corky's question regarding connecting my Windows 7 HP Laptop wirelessly to my HP Deskjet 60980 printer

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