HP Officejet K550 Black Ink Failure

HP Officejet Pro K550 will not print Black Colour, HP Officjet K550 Black Ink Failure.OfficeJet Pro k550 series black out issue.

HP Officejet Pro K550 Color Printer
HP Officejet Pro K550dtn Color Printer
HP Officejet Pro K550dtwn Color Printer

HP Officejet K550 does not print black ink though the printer and the print heads and catridges are new.this could occur due to several reasons. Follow the below troubleshooting steps to find the exact problem.

please follow the below sequence of troubleshooting steps:

** Print a 10-tap test to check the print quality.

Perform the below steps to to print a 10-tap Test and check whether the black grid is printed on the page or not.

1. Press and Hold the Power button.
2. Press X button once,
3. Release Power button.

If the is no black grid in the test page, follow the below steps to clean the printheads internally using 6-tap test.

6 Tap Test:

Follow the steps below to perform the cleaning of print heads:

1. Hold down the Power button.
2. Press the Resume button 6 times.
3. Release the Power button. The printer performs a cleaning routine that takes several minutes and makes a clicking or tapping noise. The procedure uses about 0.11 cc of black and yellow ink and 0.08 cc of magenta and cyan ink.
4. Printer will make some noises when you perform 6-tap test. Ask the customer to print a 10-test once the noises are stopped and check whether the black grid printed or not.

If there is no black grid, share the below link to customer to clean the printheads manually.

Officejet k550 Firmware Upgrade Download

Once you are done with manual cleaning try to print a 10-tap test and check for black grid.

If the issue persists...

You need to Upgrade your Firmware. Check the below weblink to download and upgrade the K550 firmware.

HP Officejet Pro K550 Series - Upgrading the Firmware


Alternatively, you can get your print heads replaced if in warranty, Contact HP Customer Care.

If you Are using Vista Check your printer warranty and get it replaced


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