Scanner Communication Error In Windows Vista and the tablet PC patch

Enable Scanning on Vista Computer with Tablet Drivers Patch

This is a little update from hp to the G4050 scanner where the patch would resolve the conflict between the HP scanning software and the tablet drivers installed on windows vista computer.

As per HP The major symptoms of this conflict are usually that the scanning software will try to start and a message indicates a problem. This is usually followed by a message indicating a "Scanner Communication Error."

So if you run into such errors, install the below patch

scanjet_vista_tablet_patch.exe Version 1.0

The above patch is compatible with Microsoft windows vista , Microsoft Windows Vista(64-bit)

Hopefully this post helps some or the other!!

HP Answers


  1. Thank you for info ! I haven't any idea about it and able to know something only because of this post. Let me explore it more. Hopefully, I will go for it.