HP DeskJet 460 Series Printer Bluetooth Configuration And Wireless Printing

HP Deskjet 460, 460c, 460cb, 460wbt, and 460wf series Printers. How to Setting Up and Configure Bluetooth Wireless Printing For Mobile Printers. Its as simple as that configuring your Bluetooth wireless printer. Take a look at the below alternate solution on how to configure Bluetooth wireless printing.

1. Connect the printer to the computer by using USB cable and then turn ON Printer

2. Insert HP Bluetooth wireless printer card, with the lights facing up, into the CF card slot of Printer.

Note: The Bluetooth card has one light with two colors: when the card is plugged in, the green light will be on;when there is Bluetooth data communication, the orange light will be blinking.

3.Insert Printer driver CD in to drive.

4. Click on option "Install Printer Driver"

5. In Choose Setup Language wizard, select " English " and then click Ok.

6. In " Welcome to the HP Deskjet 460 series Setup Wizard ", Click NExt.

7. In " Connection Type " Wizard, select " Other ", then click Next.

8. If it asks for port type then I suggest you to select TBP1( or BTH001).

9. In "Installation Type Wizard", select" Typical Installation (Recommended) and click Install.

10. This will start the installation of Printer in Blue tooth mode.

11. Click Finish, When it prompts.

This should successfully install the Printer driver in wireless mode. After completion of installation process, please disconnect the USB cable between Printer and computer.Then Try to print a page, this should successfully print out a page and resolve the issue.

Note :

Make sure the printer is within range of the Bluetooth sending device. Bluetooth printing allows wireless printing up to 10 meters (30 feet).

If the printer does not print, please follow the below steps:

1.Please click Start ---> Control Panel ---> Printers and other Hardware ----> Printers and Faxes.

2.Please right click on the Hp Deskjet 460c series icon(check marked) there and select Properties. A Window will open.

3.Click on the 'Ports' tab and select the 'deskjet 460s/n  port from the list.

4. Click Apply and OK.

Then try printing.

Refer the below webpages for help:

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Alternatively you can check the below web link for the more elaborated instructions on Configuring HP Deskjet 460 mobile printer.

HP Deskjet 460 series Bluetooth Wireless Printing

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