Sony Ericsson SEPCSuite.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

Recently, when i try to sync the contacts of outlook express to my sony ericsson w580 mobile i encountered the folowing error (Sony ericsson Pc Suite 3.2). In addition when i click on the Contacts in the left menu of the sony ericsson PC suite, i get the error as "Reading Mobile Phone's Contacts failed".I present the solution here to overcome this error message.

SEPCSuite.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Reading Mobile Phone's Contacts failed.

Failed to Read the Mobile Phone Calendar

The reason that this error could occur is the ony Ericsson Device 616 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5) is not installed or this network connection is disabled, follow the below screen shot and check whether they are enabled and showing up in the task bar(provided the phone is connected in the Phone mode Via USB) .Click on the image to enlarge.

Make sure the Network symbol is showin with cross mark and an usbarrow is howing up in the taskbar tray, I tested this several times it worked for me and I assure this is main cause for the error, if you do not install these drivers then you need to reinstall the appropriate pc suite driver of your phone along with the sony ericsson usb ethernet emulation drivers.

Alternatively,this is the very common error when you use the Sony Ericsson PCSuite, the latest version 3.2, this could cause when you install the 3.2 version over the previous sony ericsson pc suite or when the connectivity of the phone to the computer(pc) is lost. I recommend uninstalling the preious version of the Pcsuite before installing the latest or the new version Sony ericsson Pcsuite. Also delete the related folder of the PCsuite and reboot your pc, check for the latest version and install.

Make Sure the Phone is connected in Phone Mode and always use the back end usb port of the Pc when connecting through USB cable.Check for the Phone icon in the taskbar and green hovers in the menu.

Hope the above tip helps.

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  1. This does nothing to relieve this problem. The problem is a bug in SEPCSuite, which occurs when trying to communicate with Outlook.

    SEPCSuite produces an access violation.

    Basically you might as well consign your phone to the scrapheap unless SE fix this as they do not allow you to back out of the update to the most recent version and do not make old versions of the software available (all contrary to good software practice of course, but what do you expect).

  2. its not a bug..its the connectivity of the phone to the pc..when the communication failes between the phone and the pc..this error occurs

  3. This is nothing to do with connectivity. It occurs even with constant connectivity. There is no loss. The error (at least in my case) occurs when SEPCSuite is trying to communicate with outlook. You can see this with the event log which says

    Faulting application sepcsuite.exe, version, faulting module cagdoutlook.dll, version, fault address 0x0001c609.

    Further look at the error shows it is an access violation error. This does not occur in earlier versions of SEPCSuite.

    The error occurs every time, no matter what the method of phone connectivity. I have monitored phone connectivity, and there is no loss at all.

    So no. This is not (in my case, and in others I have seen) to do with connectivity but is indeed a bug. An access violation can never be anything but a bug!

  4. Agree! We need to wait for the next release..hopefully this would get fixed

  5. I'm not holding my breath. I submitted a bug report, and rang up. I got no response from the former and got told "there are no bugs in our software" when I rang up. I'm impressed. Its the only piece of software I know which is gauranteed a priori to be bug free. And even more impressive when it is bug free, contrary to overwhelming evidence otherwise.

    I'd like to call it dogmatic software.

    I reverted back to 3.107 which doesn't have the offending code. Sony Ericsson said they did not keep old versions of the program on their website anywhere and could not provide one (as there was no bug they didn't need to). Then they reluctantly agreed to send me a copy on CD (welcome to the 21st century) which was obviously just a shut-me-up as it never arrived. Eventually I found

    so clearly they do keep old versions on the web. Wrong again.

    Installed this. Works Fine. Oh and turned of auto-updates. Never again!

  6. The url got cut

  7. Try MyPhoneExplorer it's great because it works! And it's free

  8. Oh my god you people.. this only happens with outlook Express.. synchronization only occurs with MS Oulook..

  9. Brill, works like a charm!

  10. i've backed up my data but if i upgrade my pc suite will everything be erased?

  11. no, the upgrade won't erase the data, un installation might result in clearing your info!

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