Embedded Comment Form Not Working For Blogger

Problem with embedded comment form on blogger,I Just noticed that the embedded comment form is not working for my blog and also for other blogger users, what I can say is don't panic.Hope Blogger Engineers will try to fix this as soon as possible as this has already been posted in Google Groups and one of the exciting ways to share comments on blogger.Hopefully, blogger might be aware of the issue.you might see that the Comment As drop down is empty and does not show any options and is blank as shown in the below screen.

How Can I be Very sure that it is not the issue with my blog? because even the Blogger In Draft Has the same issue when i checked few minutes. of course this might only be a temporary issue, i suggest switching to pop up comments feature for time being.Correct me I went wrong on the issue.For those who are trying to use the commenting feature in future then jackbook has a great tutorial on how to enable the embedded comment form for Professional and Customized Blogger Templates



  1. It has been working fine since 2 days back. I have been modifying the HTML, but nothing related to comments. Now it is not working. Only the "Post a Comment" heading is shown, the rest is blank.

    It works in K-Meleon.

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