Which Printer Should You Buy? Which Is The Best Printer For you

If you are planning to buy a new printer, choosing from different available brands like Cannon HP Dell Lexmark Brother and models like Color Inkjets, Photosmart, Lasjerjets, All-In-One and Deskjets might be a tough task. With the wide range of products available in the market with new different brands coming up daily, you will be in a state of confusion in choosing your brand and models. Of course I will be in the same bag with hundred different technologies and printers models infront of me.

First thing I would recommend is to assign a budget for yourself. Pick Up the top brands compare the technologies and specification go for the compact if you are choosing for your personal home needs. I recommend choosing HP, simple reason is that they outperfom any other available brands with respect to technology, style, budget and always the outstanding support and they are No 1 in Digital Imaging Products "a universal truth".

Below are some good references which will help you in buying a good printer when it comes to HP Brand.

What Printer Features you should look for?

Which Printer Is Best For you? and What Kind Of HP printers you can choose from!

You Can Get the Dell Printer Information Here

Besides that, always check for the reviews and ratings by the product owners who express their views everywhere.Hope The above information helps in getting a good printer for your home and business needs.


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  1. I cannot believe that anyone would recommend HP these days. 10 years ago? Yes. 5 years ago? Maybe, because we had hope that they would improve. Their build quality and customer support, once the envy of the industry, are no longer adquate. In short, they have gone from one of the very best to one of the very worst. I hate to see a good company founder, but I hate even more when people get sucked into purchasing hardware based on a reputation that a complany no longer deserves.