Google Site Search On-Demand Indexing Within 24 Hours

Google Announced the most awaiting feature Google Site Search On-Demand Indexing. No more waiting for the Google search engine to crawl and index your website.With on-demand indexing, the most recent and latest versions of your website or your pages, articles and everything can be included in your Custom Search Engine index within 24 hours, the updated results are just click away. Its time to power your website with Google Site Search

What is On-Demand Indexing?

Simple, On-Demand Indexing feature allows you to update your content or website quickly in Google search Results as soon as you publish.Ads free search results is one of the key factors when it comes to the organizations , business and for corporates, Google has it in Google Site Search which reduces overall support costs of your business and organizations yielding accuracy.

You Can Watch the On-Demanding Search feature Video hosted at You Tube Below

Learn more about the on-demanding search feature and Google Site search when it comes to pricing of the Google site search, you can choose various plans that fits your needs.In my views business organizations and corporates and top brands like HP and others would benefit from this exciting feature.

Stop Waiting!! and go for Quick Indexing..I would have afford if i would have a company or product like Adobe :)


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