Sony Ericsson MBS900 Wireless Stereo Speakers MBS-900

Sony Ericsson Hit the market with MBS900 Wireless Stereo Speakers. Sony Ericsson MBS-900 Wireless Stereo Speakers are unique with hi-fi sound, in other way it would be your wireless home audio system.

MBS900(Sony Ericsson MBS-900)Touch controls and a stunning OLED display complete the full hi-fi system experience. A 3.5 mm line in allows you to play the music on your PC or iPod too, this is one of the interesting features of sony ericsson MBS-900 wireless stereo speakers.

Check out the below quick Specifications of Sony ericsson MBS900 Wireless Stereo Speakers

Sizes 200.0 x 200.0 x 100.0 mm 7.9 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches
Weight 2300.0 g 81.1 oz
Range up to 10 metres
Available colours White

Checkout the Images Of Sony Ericsson MBS-900 Wireless Stereo Speakers

The Following are the interesting features of sony ericsson MBS-900 Wireless Stereo Speakers.


* 2.1 speaker system. 2x10W + subwoofer 20W
* Built in FM Radio receiver
* Touch control on/off and music settings
* 3.5 mm line-in functionality
* Unique design
* Monochrome OLED display
* Stereo widening setting
* Speaker phone functionality
* A2DP & AVRCP Bluetooth™ profiles
* Control music from speaker or phone
* Music mutes when a call comes in

Here is the interesting you tube video which shows the live functions of the MBS-900 Wireless Stereo Speakers.

The Following are the Compatible Sony Ericsson phones, ofcourse some of the other non sony ericsson bluetooth enabled phones work with MBS-900 Wireless stereo speakers.

The Wireless Stereo Speakers MBS-900 is expected to be available within 3 months, price of the mbs900 is expected to be $20+?

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