SEPCSuite.exe Entry Point Not Found - Sony Ericsson PCsuite

SEPCSuite.exe Entry Point Not Found. The Procedure Entry Point Load PNG From Resource.. could not be located in the dynamic link library. NewUI.dll this is the error message that I encountered when I try to open Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.0 .

You might get the same error message when you try to open Sony Ericsson Pcsuite Software 4.0 after upgrading your pc suite from previous versions like 3.29 to the latest Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.0 .I Resolved this error by completely uninstalling the previous sony ericsson pc suite versions and restarting the pc and installing the latest versions(Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.006.00).

Make sure you back up your contacts and important stuff like SMS on your Mobile before upgrading to the latest version.Check Here On How to Backup your SMS and Contacts and calendar on previous versions. You can download the Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.006.00 here.

The Interesting features about Sony Ericsson PC Suite 4.0 is all about the backup and restore function.You can Delete a backup file, Open a backup folder, Edit backup properties, Display backup properties, Browse for a backup file and Delete a backup file.

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