How To Successfully Finish The HP Software Installation

You connect your HP Products to you Brand New Laptop, HighEnd Desktops, tries to install the software, Installation process would be very smooth till the 99% or may be till the close finish, here is where you don't end up the installation process successfully for ages.

At the Finish of HP Software Installation Process, you get a signup window to register your product. When you click on next and tries to register your products the wizard keeps connecting to the HP website or sometimes it says it cannot connect to the HP Registration page or it would say you are not connected to Internet inspite of you having a high end broadband connection, though you will be able to connect HP website normally.

Simple way to finish the HP Software Installation successfully is to cancel the signup window during the installation and manually register your product.

1) Click on Cancel When the below signup or product registration window pops up.

2) Select Don't remind me again option and click on OK as shown in the below screen to finish the installation of your product successfully.

This type of issue is most commonly seen with HP G4000 series scanner.Experience the HP Shopping For Exciting HP Products For Your Home and Home Office Needs



  1. I also had a difficult time installing the software. I tried it from the installation disk and then later I tried intalling it from a download. Every time I tried, the window "Software Copied Successfully" would appear, but in completing the installation, the "Congradulations" window never appeared. Each time I would try to install then uninstall before trying again. The computer would never recognize 'New Hardware' when trying that way.
    The HP director would never appear anywhere.

    Your tip worked perfectly in installaing the Hp software successfully!1 thanks a million

  2. I tried this and got no where. Thanks for the effort but I am sick of HP software. They make great devices but cripple them with very inferior drivers and software. Sad really. And they will never recognize that they have an obligation to fix these problems.