Splash The Market With HP MarketSplash Marketing Materials

HP Announced MarketSplash, a one-stop, web-based shop that provides small businesses some of the industry’s lowest prices and fastest delivery times for brand marketing services such as professional-quality design and print fulfillment.If you would like to know what exactly is the HP's MarketSplash, here is the quick introduction.From Professional Business Cards to High End Template designs for your business needs through Thousands of unique, professional designs by award-winning designers.

MarketSplash by HP offers quick, easy and affordable ways to get the attention-grabbing, professional-quality design and marketing materials through a web based shop.If any of this article readers thinking of starting a small business, I would recommend HP MarketSplash.

Below are some of the Professional designing services offered by HP MarketSplash

* Logo Design * Business Cards * Websites * Stationery * Design Consulting * Printing
* Promotional Products * Mailing Labels * Stamps * Postcards * Appointment Cards
* Loyalty Cards

When it comes to WebSite Design, they are wide range of options to choose from, from simple layout to high end dynamic flash webdesigns through search engine optimization options would a big add for a entry level small business person.

For first time customers, HP MarketSplash Is offering 100 Free Business Cards, Check out more information on these.

Standout with MarketSplash by HP, Award Winning Desings and Professional WebDesigners!



  1. HP is Back stabbing to 1000's of HP indigo owners, by offering online printing.
    HP is selling equipment to small print shop@ the same time selling to end users, sorry giving FREE!!??
    Shame on HP
    Hp will also competing with Nestle in the next few years, who knows!!?

  2. HP Sucks - Exactly True - We are a small printshop printpapa.com - Good we don't have HP equipment other than the large format printer. We were thiking of buying a Indigo - but will not or never now.

    HP get rid of Market Splash or loose your printers!!

  3. Psst, 2011 called...they said dont worry guys, as it turns out the "Dazzling Erray" of templates is only 10, and the download link is impotent in any case.

    They said the small-to-medium sized business owners ended up getting back-stabbed instead...

  4. Marketsplash is "obviously" a site to collect data from small business. No worries for the professionals, unless they are using HP equipment! Then again, why would you use equipment from a company that's back-stabbing their DIY customers? IMHO, I have yet to see professional quality printing from home equipment.