HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC Specifications

HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC Features bronze liquid metallic design on the outside and powerful entertainment capabilities on the inside.HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC measures 13.3 inch with genuine Windows Vista Home Basic or genuine Windows Vista Home Premium for ultimate digital entertainment.

MediaSmart entertainment software allows to access the digital entertainment fun with a single mouse click, built-in remote control, premium sound , dual headphone jacks, An integrated webcam, dual digital microphones and broadband are are additional captivating entertainment features.

Some of the quick specifications of HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC Includes,

Operating system installed
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P7350
• 2.00 GHz, 3 MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB

Internal hard Drive
320 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive

Memory card device
5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture cards

HP Pavilion WebCam with Integrated Microphone

Remote control
HP Mobile Remote Control

Internal audio
Altec Lansing

101 key compatible keyboard

Pointing device
Touch Pad with On/Off button and dedicated vertical and horizontal Scroll Up/Down pad, volume control, mute buttons, 1 Quick Launch Button

Battery Type
6-Cell Lithium-Ion battery

Power supply type
90W AC Adapter

Inaddition to the above HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC weights 1.87 kg with the dimensions 2 cm (L) x 22.8 cm (W) x 2.94 cm (min H) / 3.58 cm (max H) and 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty, Toll Free Support (NA); 2-Year Free Hardware Technical Support; 30-Days Free Software Support (1 Year* Free Software Support with Product Registration) *from date of purchase.

Pre-installed software includes HP Quick Play; Cyberlink DVD Suite; Adobe Acrobat Reader besides Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 (including 12 month complimentary live update).

Check out the more detailed specifications of HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Notebook PC Here, watch the elegant thin and light mobile design of HP Pavilion dv 3500 Entertainment Notebook PC demo from the below You Tube video, moreover the price of HP Pavilion dv 3500 Entertainment Notebook PC is approximately $1494.99



  1. Hola Elimine la partecion Recovery y no tengo los discos de recuperacion y necesito reinstalar el sistema operativo de este modelo de computadora
    Si alguien nme puede ayudar le dejo mi mail dovers2000@hotmail.com
    La computadora fue adquirida en Estados Unidos gracias

  2. i have this computer and, to be honest it has given me more grief than it has made my life easier. i shuts down on its own constantly and doesn't reboot. i've had many computer people look at it, and they never see anything wrong. i do not advise anyone to buy this computer

  3. does this model has a bluetooth built in?

  4. Hi.
    Where can i buy this specific model these days?

  5. i also have this computer and this would be my last time buying HP. i sthuts down on its own constantly and blacks out. i've had called hp support , they tried everything but nothing worked so I had to sent it to them. it came back as it used to be, I believe that they don't know whats wrong with their product they never see anything wrong. they told me that they would send me the shipping box to resend it to HP. six months passed and I received nothing. I do not advise anyone to buy this computer

  6. its because u dont treat it nice. i have mine, and wow its kinda wonderful. never hang, has no defect, specs is cool. if ever i wanna buy a cooler and nicer kinda laptop, i wont sale this HP Pavilion dv3500!!

  7. i thnk thsi laptop is ok.. i nvr had the problem likeu guys.. but, hey, its kindof great for me..anyway, the only problem is the keyboard id unreadable in dark room but i guess it makes me memorize the keypad... in 10, i would like to give it 7.5 stars!

  8. I dont see very well de keybord letters. Anybody can help me to put a light keyboard?

  9. had mine for over a year and i'm still in love with it

  10. I have had this computer for about a year and its great. No problems. And for the keyboard just press fn and the space key and it lights up.

  11. its kinda sucks.... always auto shutdown when i play games(BECAUSE OF OVERHEATING). so,this only for those who wants to surf internet and watching movies.. this give a very bad reputation for HP product.. funny though, i thought HP product has its own special quality, i was wrong!

  12. I've had this laptop for over a year. I agree as everyone else comments that the keyboard letters are very faint. So I purchased and installed the backlit US keyboard. This is a great laptop, nice spec and looks superb. Works well with Windows 7!

  13. Bronze keys black letters/smart. Did they not notice? dv71240us. Back to Mac's for me this box cost toooo much. Can hardly see the keys with lights shinning on them. Same story send it back, your dime, and we will give you a new keyboard but you still will not be able to read it because it is the same keyboard. This is HP'S circle of live.

  14. Yes, it shuts down because of overheating. about the keyboard being hard to see, there is a back light that you can activate by pressing the [fn] button and the space bar at the same time.

  15. all this comment about a product not being nice is not right i have this same machine and it works like magic please when buying a product ask questions, the make and the location all counts some machines are not suitable for a particular condition, remember is a machine and it understands instruction, it does to 'die' on its own; it also depends how u handle it... You are just not lucky in getting the right machine that serves u. Thank u

  16. I have overheating problems with my dv3506, I cannot run windows because it shuts down before loading the OS, thus I use Ubuntu and set the processor to work at 1.20GHz. Also the original battery had a failure, the replacement battery only last like 8 months or less, the charge only lasted like 40min at the end. I bought one generic battery from a China seller on ebay, and that one last more than the original. I have already a year with it.

  17. i have problem of over heating of dv-3500....it shuts off after 1 hour us ...if use cooler..i can not work more than 9n minutes...it shuts off.