Speed Up Mouse Pointer For Flat Panel Wide Screen Monitors

Take advantage of mouse pointer settings in windows control panel If you are using a Flat Panel LCD wide screen monitors, this will help you make your mouse pointer move faster with a small nudge.The default mouse setting are preferable if you are using a CRT monitor as the resolutions and screen sizes are low when compared to the today's digital world of LCD monitors.

You might ask what is basic necessity of fastening the motion of mouse pointer for flat panel monitors, the answer is simple! If your screen size is 24 inch or higher the default mouse pointer motion settings might be frustrating to point to the destination as it might take three to four movements of your mouse to cover the region of your screen, speeding up the motion will do it as default.

The speed setting depends on your screen size and your convenience, try playing with the setting until you feel comfortable moving your mouse, just follow the below steps on how to adjust the mouse pointer settings in both windows XP and Windows Vista Operating systems.

1)Click Start
2)Control Panel
3)Click On Mouse (Click Printer and other hardware if you are using category view)
4)Select the Pointer Options Tab
5) Move The slider to the right side
6) I recommend to be on 8th dot for flat screen monitors
7)Click on apply and OK

Check the Adjustments you made moving your mouse entire your screen, check my previous post on the Review of Dell s2209w flat panel Wide screen Full HD Monitor if you are looking for affordable flat screen LCD monitor.Post your viewsabout this post using the below comments section.


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