Offering Free Banner Design Service For Google Sites and Bloggers

If you Own a , Website, Google Site, From Google Sites formerly know as Google Page creator or a Blog. Here is some thing very interesting offer from HP Answers. As a part of my web designing services, i am offering a free unique professional Animated banner design for your website and a blog. But, this service is currently limited to Google Sites and Blogger Pages only, other web users can contact for paid designing services using this Link

Getting into details, you can request the animated banner design(i would rather say a graphic design of any size through the below form.
  • Request from users/websites hosted through Google Sites and Blogger will be prioritized first.
  • Website URL of Your site or a Blog is Mandatory(URL will help to identify that you are requesting a banner for your website)
  • Link for the completed graphic/banner will be e-mailed to you if you preferred or posted here through the comments section.
Time Frame would be?
You will come to know after the request.

Can we see your work?
Check the site you will find it!

This will be my order of priority of handling the requests for a free banner design.

1) Educational Related Websites Sites (Technical and Information Sites/blogs)
2) Charity Websites
3) E-Commerce
4) Health Information And Hospital Services
5) Then all other categories

Hope You enjoy this Free Service From HP Answers, please leave your comments using the below comments form, i will reply as soon as I can.



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