Intel DG35EC Issue Resuming From Standby Bios Fix

Intel recently released ECG3510M.86A. 0118 bios version for DG35EC mother board, updating to this bios version helped me fix two major issue that i have been facing since i bought this mother board.

The first and foremost issue, Fixed unexpected behavior in resume from standby, when the PC goes to stand by mode, it never resumes, the only way to get back is to restart the PC, thanks to Intel For Providing a Fix through Bios Update ECG3510M.86A.0118

Secondly, My PC is equipped with all digital connections right from Coaxial ,Optical, HDMI, DVI, Digital Media Port, Display Port(DP) connector and what not! When you use Internal Intel SPDIF through Coaxial out, you might experience SPDIF connection going into sleep mode after few hours of Audio Play with Intel DG35EC.

After this bios update, the SPDIF sleep mode issue is no more. I recommend all the Intel DG35EC mother board user to upgrade their BIOS version to the latest available ECG3510M.86A.0118(Release Dated on January 13 2010), you can download the latest bios version Here

The following are the quick details of the release.

BIOS Version 0118

• Released January 13, 2010
• ECG3510M.86A.0118.2010.0113.1426
• VBIOS info:
Build Number: 1653 PC 14.34 06/08/2008 20:33:38
• SATA RAID info:
• Intel(R) RAID for SATA - v6.1.1.1001
• SATA AHCI info:
Intel(R) AHCI for SATA 08-24-2007
• PXE Nahum info:
Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.2.50.IBA

New Fixes/Features:
• Fixed unexpected behavior in resume from standby.

Hopefully, you no more have issue after updating your Bios to this version. If you have any question you can just send me through this Help Form or use the below comments section to discuss more on the issue.

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