Dell Monitor Serial Number On Label Card

Usually dell monitors have their Barcode serial number label and the Regulatory rating label located at the back of the monitor, these serial numbers are useful in getting technical help for monitors when you need.

Few monitors that fall into this category are Dell s2209w-Check out My Review , Dell S2409W Flat Panel Monitor and few other, there are some high end dell monitors where the serial number is located on the Label card inserted into the USB compartment, few monitors which has this feature are Dell P2210 and Dell 2209wa

Check out the below image examples of locating the dell serial number and other details like date of manufacturing and place of manufacturing and the PPID for two different models. For you information, dell serial Number is a 20 digit PPID number on the label to verify the manufacture date.

The above monitor(dell s2209w and s2409w and other dell monitors) has the bar code serial number located at the back which can be viewd by just turning the monitor around.

Now the interesting one, Dell Monitors Like 2209wa and Dell P2210 Flat Panel Monitor(check out the below images) have their Barcode serial number and Regulatory rating located on the Label Card.Monitor shipped with label card fully inserted in USB compartment. Pull out the label card to access the bar-code serial number label and regulatory rating label, click on the below image to have a bigger view.

Dell Monitor P2210 Rear View with label card pulled out

Dell Monitor P2210 Front View with label card pulled out

Don't panic like me if you did not find the serial no at the back of the Dell Monitor, it is always good to read your manual first.

Hope the above information help, if you have any question please feel free to ask through the General Help Form, try it you get a very quick response/

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  1. I can't believe nobody has posted here to thank you for this!

    A Dell technician asked me over chat to look for the card and I misunderstood -- I thought he was referring to some sheet of paper that was bundled with the monitor.

    Thanks for the clear help. I'm relieved I'm not the only one to get confused by this bizarre design choice.

  2. need a software that could help in knowing monitor name,serial no and product no..


  3. I was concerned at first, just bought four 1909W monitors on eBay. Fantastic screens, but the absence of a sticker across the back made me wonder if it was part of some OEM bundle! Label card located, happy days! :-)

  4. thx pal! that was helpful having in mind i dont have my manual with me

  5. I just bought a Dell monitor... no power lead, no video connection lead no audio lead, no support cd, nothing. All the extras i will have to buy total around £60 just to get it fully functional. I could have got another 20" AOC widescreen for £70!!! Never going near Dell again.

  6. If you need to look up your PPID to see how old it is you can use the PPID Lookup Tool found on the home page of