Critical Update For HP Missing Scanned Files (Save To File)

HP Released a Critical Update/ Patch to fix the missing scanned files Issue. This Critical Update Corrects a scan file configuration problem which causes scan files to be sent to a nonexistent folder and When scanning with HP Solution Center, you can scan a photo , picture or a document, but HP Solution Center does not save the scan to your designated folder.

This issue could probably occur When scanning after installing or upgrading your current HP Solution Center to version 13, scanning appears to complete correctly, but amazingly, scanned images or documents cannot be found on the computer on the give save location.

The root cause of the problem seems to be improper install of the files to the directory while installing/updating to HP Solution Center 13.

So Folks, who are facing an Magical Missing Scan Documents Issue can install the below Critical Update Released By HP. Click On the Following Link To Download the Patch.


Scanned Files Disappear after Scanning with HP Solution Center

Size of the Update is approximately 24 MB and should meet the following requirements to apply the above Update Patch. Should Have HP Solution Center Version 13 or 13.1 Installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Installation Instructions:

Just Download the Update using the above Link, Click On Run and follow the onscreen instructions, now try to scan a doc or a pic, you will see the scan in the Destination Folder.

Hoping, this update is much useful.

HP Answers!!

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