Nissan Micra Diesel Engine Pictures XV and XV Premium

Getting an absolute stunning response to Nissan Micra Petrol version, Nissan launched Diesel Variant of Micra called DCI. Few days back had a chance of visiting Nissan's service showroom and was quite excited to see the Micra Diesel Variant.

In short, Nissan Micra Diesel comes in two variants, namely XV and XV Premium with a outstanding fuel efficiency(mileage) of 23.08 km/l. Had a chance to drive the diesel vehicle for a short distance, it was amazing, no car in the hatch back segment can deliver this kind of smooth and low noise drive, this is quite as quite as no sound, this is one of the positives of Micra Diesel.

The Top End Micra Diesel Called XV Premium comes with 1 inch larger tyres with Bridgestone Brand and good looking alloy wheels(Micra Diesel XV doesn't come with alloy wheels), on the other side the petrol variant has MRF tyres/wheels equipped. The two Variants in Diesel comes with interior color as Greig.(This is one of the good moves by Nissan).For More Specifications, you can download the brochure of Micra Diesel Here.

XV Premium is equipped with the climate control and roof spoiler at the top which brings more stylish and sports look to the car and of course with a push button, however the Diesel XV doesn't have the automatic climate control equipped and the door levers are made of plastic rather than chrome like in XV Premium.

The following are the pictures of Nissan Micra Diesel XV and XV Premium, personally i like Blade Silver and Black of Nissan Micra and they are the most selling.

The above picture is the interior view of Nissan Micra Diesel XV variant which has a chrome Nissan Logo on the steering wheel and a plastic finish of door levers.

Here comes the Micra Diesel Engine Pictures.

The price of Micra Diesel falls around 5.50 Lacs(INR) and 6.03 Lacs(INR) ex-showroom price, the on road price of Micra Diesel XV would be 6.4 lakhs and XV premium could go around 6.9 lacs, but XV premium is worth of money.

Personally, I prefer Micra in the current hatch back segment, just because the fuel efficiency, the attractive looks , more spacious design and the Brand Nissan. You can have a look at XL Version of Micra Pertol Here.Presented By HP Answers!

Have A Good Drive!

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  1. It was a delight to watch various picture of Micra diesel vehicle and one must be blessed enough to have such vehicle undoubtedly. As budget is not permitting as of now, I am taking delivery of Maruti Alto K 10 by tomorrow. All the best to people who are going to buy Micra diesel....