Nissan Micra XL Silver Test Drive And USer Review Pictures

World!This is My Experience With Nissan Micra Had a chance to test drive Nissan Micra XL, It was a great feeling! First Impression on Micra was great and this car has Got a Very Cute Look. Since the launch Of Micra In India, it has got a very good response and I am sure this is going to Shake the Indian Small Segment Car Market.

Just to give a brief introduction, Nissan Micra Comes With 4 Variants, XE XE PLUS, XL And XV(Higher End), You can Download the Nissan M icra Specifications And Key features List Here, In this list you can even compare with the Variants and features each of the version provides.

Now Lets get into My Experience.

Getting into the Driver Seat, The first look of interiors was Impressive and Stylish.XL Comes with an Integrated Audio And Four Speakers Embeeded to the Four Doors, all versions of Micra got the Power Steering ,Steering Tilt Adjustment and in addition XL Variant has got Power Windows: Front and Rear ,Driver Side Front Window With Autodown & Anti-Pinch Function, Central Door Lock and Remote Keyless Entry.

Space at the Passenger Seats at the back and the Front is more than comfortable, it is got very good Boot space when compared to Swift. When i Went through the Specifications, very interesting to know that Micra is lengthier than Swift, Micra Is 3780 Mm and Swift Is 3755 mm.

The Ride Quality was awesome and more comfortable, Micra just turns around in corners very well and has got very good transmission and Suspension. When it comes to mileage in city with AC, it is around 14 KMpl and on Highway it touches around 16 kmpl, though the company claims as 18 kmpl

The following are some of the user pictures mostly blade silver of Nissan Micra, which is a very common and less maintenance choice.

On a Scale Of 5, the following are my ratings For The Good And Excellent Nissan Micra.

Space Inside: 4/5
Dealer Satisfaction: 3/5
Fuel Consumption: 3.5/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
Reliability: 4/5
Looks: 4.5/5

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  1. I think u should improve ur fuel consumption city/highway mileage for micra is claimed to be 14/18(with AC) which is at par or even better than some highly fuel efficient maruti cars.

  2. Thanks for the heads up... I would love to see a lot of updates. Nice one though! I will sure share this update with my friends. My brother and I have a nissan micra and your post is really helpful.
    Nissan Micra

  3. Nissan cars provide power, comfort, value and response to car customer. Nissan air conditioning system was proven to be superior to others. No one can beat Nissan in terms of its performance and style. You must try to drive one to experience the power within.

  4. Ive recently purchased a Black Nissan Micra XL. Frankly speaking, Ive been let down by the service ive got from Nissan. At the outset, I was told that i would be given a 2011 manufactured vehicle. However, on the day of delivery, not only was i delivered the vehicle at 8pm as opposed to 4pm which was the appointed time, but to my utter shock i realised that my car windows bore the numeric, "10". Moreover,despite being a "brand new" car, the exhaust pipe rattled violently as soon as the ignition was on, there was quite a bit of cabin sound when the car was in motion, the gear n clutch was too tight, the car lock wud not open even after removing the car keys from the ignition slot, the paint job being patchy all over the car, and over n above all this, I had no clue that ALL NISSAN CARS HAVE JUST ONE REVERSE INDICATOR LIGHT!!!!
    On positively gettin agitated by this whole scenario n demanding an explanation,I was told by a most uninterested sales executive that these were "NORMAL" in a Micra! I asked to meet the Manager therefore and thats when my matter was seriously considered! Ive yet to get my car back from the workshop. A "Brand new car" having to go to the workshop already within 4 days of delivery!!! Really shocking for a brand like Nissan! Absolutely not done!!!

  5. From where did you buy,, did you post it in nissan face book forums

  6. Ive bought it from Worli,Mumbai. N i will post it in the facebook forums as well. Dunno how much that wud help but il do it anyway.

  7. Its a good combination of comfort and power.Its designed according to the urban environment.Its easy to park it and drive it in the heavy traffic areas.But it got many competitors.
    Nissan Micra Review