Curiosity Mars Rover Has Dust and Pebbles Over the Body

Just finished watching NASA Live Television about the Briefing of Curiosity on Mars.NASA released high resolution 360 degree panorama view of the Mars, surroundings of curiosity.From the Release High Resolution pictures the Rover has Black Pebbles and small stones and dust accumulated over the surface of its body. Click on the Images to begin the slide show and to have a bigger view.

 This 360-degree, full-resolution panorama from NASA's Curiosity rover shows the area all around the rover within Gale Crater on Mars, the Rovers has Pebbles and dust particles accumulated over it, by the rockets while descent of curiosity took place.

This is another view on Mars near the Curiosity, Photographed by Curiosity MAST CAM showing hills, where the curiosity will go and investigate biological evidence.  

The self shot image of the rover taken by curiosity itself.

NASA Scientists brief that, these dust particles will clear off by itself when the Rover stats moving and climbing the near by hills in the coming days.There is no abnormal functioning of the Machinery by the accumulated Dust on Curiosity by the descendent rockets.

Stay tuned for more day to day updates on happenings on MARs by Curiosity, discuss this post using the below comments section.

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