How To Resolve Sony Tipo Echo Problem

Update, Check this link to resolve the tipo echo problem, keep your phone updated to 11.0.a.4.27

Here is the quick update on how to resolve and fix Echo Problem on Sony Tipo Mobile Phone, if you are reading this post, you probably facing a similar Echo problem with Sony Tipo(Single or Dual sim). The echo problem is mostly observed when you make an outgoing calls where the receiver hears his own voice twice(echoed) at his end, this might be unseen and unheard at the callers end(your side), but a lot frustrating at the other end.

I see people screaming about this echo problem on sony discussions forums(, but as usual sony is irresponsible towards its mistakes. Personally, after a lot of visits to Sony service centre and  several software upgrades and repair options, i tried the following steps to resolve and fix the echo problem on my Tipo.

  • First thing i recommend is to remove the mobile cover if you have for your tipo
  • Then Reset the Settings--->Backup and Reset--->Settings Reset
  • Go to Settings--->Sound, Turn off xLOUD
  • Go to Volumes, and set all the three categories to 80%
  • Make a Test outgoing call from your mobile and make sure you set your Ear volume to 80% do not let it be on 100% volume.

Make an outgoing call and check if the reciever is able to hear his own voice twice at his end.

As I tuned to the above said settings, i no more have echo problem for my Tipo.Post your comments and experience on sony Tipo Echo Problems using the below comments section.

Update: Sony Identified this as a defect in the Tipo Series and the echo issue will be fixed in the next software update for Tipo, this has been confirmed in the Discussions forum, check here

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  1. yes i set volume 80 % no echo but this in not a resolve cous if u in a crowd place you will not hear the other person on phone

  2. 1. Sony is irresponsible towards its mistakes in the Xperia Tipo.
    2. I have bought Sony Xperia Tipo 2 days back,When I speak during a phone call i can clearly hear my voice in the earpiece. I've changed the sim cards, restarted the device but the problem still persists.
    3. I was calling to few of my friends then they are complaining about my voice and inform they are not able to hear me Cleary and they are getting their ECHO itself on their cell phone.Initially I thought that this might be issues due to network operators.Same issues was continue more than week then done many tests.
    3. I tried by inserting other SIM cards to my phone and then celled to same numbers –Still ECHO was thereThen I went to service center–where I have given my cell phone for investigation and they inform they will take 10-15 days for repair. The Service Center People are not working properly and not yet all satisfy the valuable customers, no use for authorised Sony service centers.
    4. During one hour of my waiting period at service center there were three Tipo user arrived with same complain, just after 1 day after his purchase.
    5. Now how come sony haven’t captured in their testing cycle. Its very bad for user that Sony failed to provide basic smooth call connection to user.
    6. If this issues is not resolved then I will file case against SONY Mobiles in CONSUMER COURT.
    7. Especially as user I will not buy SONY product next time....and along with me you have losed 10 more customers.
    8. Service centre timing Mon-Sat 10.00 AM-6.00 PM, which is working times for almost all the people. So even you want to visit their service centre then you have to take leave Un-necessarily.
    9. Hello people, please don't purchase any SONY mobiles as of my personal experience and investigated in the market... plz plz don't choose SONY any more.
    10. SONY is fooling/Cheating the people. Sony not suppose to do such type of things but still they are doing means irresponsibility.
    11. If you are not resolve the bugs please take it back phone and return money plz plz.

    Finally I can say SONY is SLEEPING ........

  3. Yes Muneendra, you are right, the worst experience i had ever faced with sony

  4. Same problem here...the caller at the other end is getting echo sound..pls resolved this bug asap..

  5. I purchased Sony Xperia Tipo Single SIM some 3 months back. Within 1.5 months, the phone started showing echo issues. The other party hears an echo and there is also loss in voice quality.
    I submitted the phone to the authorized Sony Service center. After repairing the phone, the problem came back within 24 hours. So I gave the phone again to the service center and yet the problem recurred. Since the same problem recurred, I contacted Sony Customer Care asking for a replacement and they FLATLY REFUSED to replace the device and just 'apologized'.
    I am now proceeding with a consumer court complaint for selling defective product and bad service as well as causing associated expenses and harassment.
    I would also like all readers to know that when I went to the customer service center the first time, for Tipo alone, there were two more customers facing problems. One elderly person was there and said he was facing some motherboard issue just one month after purchase. Another young guy said he had touchscreen problems. When I went there to collect the phone, there were people facing issues with other models, and it was not the first time they had visited the store.
    When I went the second time to collect the phone also, there was yet a person who had come there many times already.
    It is quite clear that Sony is not paying attention to testing properly what they have developed. It does not even look like this is even their playground. It is easy to make a little money by selling customers bad products, but I am surprised they are even getting away with it. Particularly for Tipo, you might want to check out the web with the kind of problems people have faced. The mic problem is definitely a very standard one.
    Sony has obviously shown very low levels of professionalism in my case at least, very unlike their reputation of others electronic goods. It does not seem they are interested in retaining customers. I am surprised they have even got so far with mobile phones.


  6. I also bought sony xperia tipo duos but i have new issue that my call ends often by itself while talking probably every 5 mins how to rectify this issue plz guide me.....