Sony Tipo ST21i Certified Software Versions 11.0.A.4.27

In My Earlier post about the Sony Tipo, I mentioned sony is going to release a software upgrade to solve the echo i went back to see the certified software versions for Tipo on PTCRB, the latest software version that was certified for tipo was  11.0.A.4.27 on Feb 22, 2013. so still hope the echo will be fixed in the next update from sony.
Manufacturer: Sony Mobile

Model #: ST21i (PM-0130-BV)

Supported Technologies and Frequency Bands: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS FDD: Band I/Band VIII

HW Version      SW Version           Request Type      Date Certified

A                       11.0.A.4.27            ECO                  Feb 22, 2013

A                      11.0.A.4.25             ECO                  Dec 10, 2012

A                      11.0.A.0.31             ECO                  Sep 5, 2012

A                      11.0.A.0.30             ECO                  Aug 10, 2012

A                      11.0.A.0.16           Variant                Jul 26, 2012  

The Curent revision of tipo is 11.0.A.4.22   Refer The Tipo Echo Problem Here, besides echo on tipo single and dual, you might also encounter issues with screen patching, a white patches on screen, as reported by few members in sony support forums.  

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