Internal Error 2738 in the Windows Vista While installing HP softwares

Fatal Internal Error 2738 Message Displays in Windows Vista During Installation.

This error might occur when you try to install any HP products in windows vista.Check the below solution to overcome the internal error 2738.This error usually occurs in windows vista pcs and windows vista operating systems.

Step 1. Run a command prompt in administrator mode (Start/All
Programs/Accessories/ right click on Command Prompt, select Run As

Step 2. type: cd %systemroot%\system32 Press Enter

Step 3. type: regsvr32 vbscript.dll Press Enter

Important Note: regsvr32, not regsrv32.

You can also check the below weblink for other possible solutions published by HP

1. Search for the file VBSCRIPT.DLL on the computer. It is usually located in C:\Windows\System32 folder.

2. Click Start and then click Accessories .

3. Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator .

4. Type the following in the command prompt:
(or the appropriate folder location where VBSCRIPT.DLL is located).

5. Press Enter .

6. Type REGSVR32 VBSCRIPT.DLL in the command prompt and press Enter .
A message displays that VBSCRIPT has been installed successfully.

7. Install the HP software.

(Tip)It is always recommended to clean the registry using the registry cleaners , I prefer AVG Antispyware Which is free to download. search the google and download for better performance of your pc.

Fatal Internal Error 2738



  1. Worked for me. I was installing the BIOS Configuration for HP ProtectTools on Vista Business when I got the error.

  2. thank you.

    it worked on my xp professional when i tried to uninstall HP Easy Printer Care and got the same Fatal Internal Error 2738.

  3. This worked perfectly! I've been trying to uninstall HP Easy Printer Care for a while now and this did the trick. Thanks!