HP LaserJet 1018 1020 1022 p1006 printer Errors

While installing HP LaserJet 1018,1020,1022,p1006 printer, you might receive the following error messages.

1. Device is not recognized

2. USB device got malfunctioned

3. USB port is not listed in the ports tab while installing the printer using Add Printer Wizard

Follow the below steps.

1. Right click on My Computer icon and select properties.

2. Open Hardware Tab and click on Device Manager option.

3. Locate Universal Serial Bus Controllers and check if there is any Unknown device root hub is listed, if it is listed then right click on it and uninstall it.

4. Locate USB 2.0 Enhanced controllers, right click on it and click on Disable option.

5. Restart the computer and connect the printer to computer and try installing the printer.

If it does not work, Connect the printer using different USB cable and to different USB port at the rear end USB port of the computer and try to install the printer.



  1. WORKS FOR ME.. Well done I was about to chuck the damned thing out!

  2. I was getting the second number error , but your solution was good and it solved my problem.


  3. It didn't work for me. I did everything above...Chaged USB cable and changed usb ports. but it didn't work. I can't stil print out...

  4. worked for me for windows 7 32 bit Ultimate

  5. yes yes yes mmmm many thanks, worked for me Windows XP Service Pack 3

  6. Here is the anser in a nutshell.
    The Hp 1022 printer will not communicate properly on a USB cabel longer then 3 feet.

    I have tried severl different cables of different manufacture and length.

    Only cables 3 feet and under work.
    This to me indicates a flaw inthe desing of the USB hardware that HP ha put into this printer.

    The reason disabeling USB 2.0 works for some is hat the data transfer rat is reduced back to that of USB 1.1 spec.

  7. Why doesn’t my printer HP LaserJet 1018print the documents through the USB? When I throw a document to print on my USB, it just waits and after a minute the hp-toolbox returns these errors. Printer queue stopped Code: 700 and Device Communication Error Code: 5012.I make out my printer is fine since I print with it on my Windows xp. Recently I updated my Pc with windows 7. I had been downloaded drivers for windows 7 on this link

  8. You need to disconnect USB cable and restart your pc and printer. Do not connect your USB cable back to your pc. Then, you need to type "print management" on run. Under all devices, you need to select your hp printer and perform right click "remove printer driver package". Now, you need to download the driver from HP and install it. You should now print again.

  9. What Anonymous said on July 29, 2010 1:22 AM is spot on:
    The 1022 is very sensitive to the USB cable length.

    I tried 2 drivers for the Laserjet 1022:

    The latest version
    HP LaserJet Host Based Plug and Play Package
    2010-11-09 , Version:2.0, 2.35M

    It never saw the 1022 when I plugged it in, until I went through the hardware wizard and searched for a driver on Windows update.

    and the next oldest version
    HP LaserJet Host Based Plug and Play Package
    2009-11-05 , Version:20071210, 4.35M

    It saw the 1022. But . . . . . .

    With BOTH drivers, weird things were happening with USB flash drives when the 1022 was connected.

    You'd plug in a flash drive, it would sit there for 30 seconds, and the light would go out. No drive letter. USB device unrecognized.

    But once you'd unplug the Laserjet 1022 from the computer, USB drives worked just fine. Even if the printer was in the back ports and the USB drive was in the front ports.

    Plug the 1022 back in, and the USB drives would drop out. They'd have a drive letter, but go into My Computer and click on it - nothing there!

    I was troubleshooting this as though it were a software problem, when I saw this thread. Then it hit me... if it were a software problem, I'd see an entry in c:\windows\setupapi.log when the USB drive was mounted - and I didn't. Because it was a hardware / power problem - the drive was shutting down before it got a chance to be logged.

    So I used a 5 foot cable instead of a 7 foot for the 1022, and everything was fine with both the USB flash drives and the printer.

    This on a Dell Dimension 3000 running XP Pro SP3.

    So yes, the 1022 is very sensitive to cable length. Could be other things too ... an underpowered power supply, maybe, which Dell is famous for ...

    But a shorter USB cable length worked for me!

  10. thanks dude. after many hours looking for the solution,. i found it here!
    damned USb2.0 enhanced controllers!

  11. I had the same problem and I have posted my (gabid) solution here:


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